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23 Sexy Halloween Costumes for 2017


You loved playing dress up as a little girl, but nothing beats Halloween as an adult. Want to look like a treat this year? Check out these costumes to catch the eye of that hottie you’ve had your eye on or snag IG likes like never before.

1. Wonder Woman

You stand for all that’s good, and you’ll look damn good while doing it. In a metallic headpiece, arm cuffs and leather shorts, there will be so many hotties battling for your affections.

2. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

What do you get when you throw on white thigh highs, kitten heels and a DIY yellow ensemble? A killer outfit that’ll stand the test of time—and have you looking like the belle of the party the entire night.

3. Khaleesi

If you want to slay as well as this GoT goddess, don a white-blonde wig and Grecian gown—tailored to make you look hotter than any fire-breathing dragon.

4. Veronica from Riverdale

With a bold lipstick, argyle skirt, preppy top and delicate pearls, you’ll look exactly like this River Vixen (whether you travel with your squad or solo).

5. It

Clowns may be creepy, but you can still put a sexy spin on Pennywise. Break out the frills and bold makeup, and finish the look with just enough red lipstick on the tip of your nose to pull it off (balloon optional). 

6. Skeleton

Black and bones on a badass chick like you? Get ready to steal a few hearts.

7. Burlesque dancer

Put all that Victoria’s Secret lingerie you own to good use. With opaque tights and face-framing curls, you’ll be the center of attention on the dance floor.

8. Selena

The beautiful and beloved singer may be gone, but you can bring her look back to life with a black bralette, pants and her signature gold hoops.

9. Boxer

Take out your boxers and sports bra, and throw on a robe and boxing gloves for a truly knock-out look. 

10. Pirate

Throw on a corset and striped leggings, and all you’ll need are some rings to set sail on a night of mischief.

11. Fairy

Flutter through campus with this modern Tinker Bell look. 

12. Pretty Little Liars

It’s no secret that you and your crew will turn heads covered in black and fake blood. Tack an “A” to your chest and grab a shovel to complete this drop-dead gorgeous costume.

13. Baywatch Babe

Whether you slip on a red bodysuit or actual swimsuit, you’ll be swimming in compliments all night long. Add a little whistle as the finishing touch.

14. Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen

A plaid skirt, cute headband and heels are all you need to mimic the chic yet smart uniforms that these fashionable BFFs rocked at Constance Billard. 

15. Snowflake

Put glitter on your lids and add a cream-colored negligee to feel good all night. Make a crown or stencil flakes on your face to really stand out in a crowd.

16. Referee

A black and white striped bodysuit and cap will have you calling the shots at the party.

17. Unicorn

Forget the frap, and rock a white bodysuit, face gems and horned-headband to embody a unicorn. 

18. Winnie the Pooh

Your and your besties will look a few degrees hotter than cute as this foursome. Pair a red crop top with a yellow skirt for Pooh or wrap yourself in skintight pink for Piglet.

19. Scarecrow

You can’t go wrong with a plaid shirt and short shorts. Experiment with super rosy cheeks and eyeliner-stenciled stitches for a fun disguise.

20. PSL

Emblazon the Starbucks logo on a short tan dress for an easy look that’ll be just as irresistible as everyone’s favorite fall drink.

21. Red Riding Hood

Try out this red cape and black knee-high boot combo—it's a bit wolfish.  

22. Alien

Silver shorts, fingerless latex gloves and a galactic top will make you look out of this world.

23. Lara Croft

Kick some serious butt with this casual but sexy getup.

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