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11 Online Makeup Tutorials That Are Actually Good for Women of Color


If you go on YouTube and search “makeup tutorial,” you will be instantly bombarded with nearly nine million videos. From how to contour like a Kardashian, to finally figuring out how to achieve the ever-elusive cat eye, it would take you forever (or at least a few days) to scroll through every single video. Despite there being an overwhelming amount of tutorials available, there are only a handful of go-to beauty gurus that rule the YouTube beauty scene. While standouts like Zoella and Kandee Johnson certainly offer awesome makeup tips, they don’t really provide much advice for viewers with different skin tones.

There are so many amazing POC-friendly vloggers that you’ve probably never even heard of, so we found 11 of the best POC-friendly YouTube beauty gurus around.


1. Neutral Brown Makeup – ItsMyRayeRaye

With over a million followers, how have you NOT heard of this beauty vlogger queen?! Despite usually being known for her bold lip choices, Raye takes this opportunity to show you how darker skin tones can achieve the perfect, neutral look!

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 2. Sultry Smokey Eye with a Bold Lip - Babylailalov

Not only is her hijab game on point, but she also has mad contouring skills. In this tutorial, she not only shows you how to get the perfect neutral base but also how to get a look that is totally perfect for date night. 

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3. How to Complement Hooded/Monolid Eyes – Jung Saem Mool

If you want makeup tutorials from one of the most famous makeup artists in South Korea, then you’ve come to the right place! Don’t speak Korean? No worries, Jung has translated captions so you can easily learn all of her fabulous techniques.

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4. Best Ever Roller Set on 4C Natural Hair - Jouelzy

Aside from being an advocate for #smartblackgirls (which is totally cool in its own right), Jouelzy has tons of awesome videos on styling natural hair. Natural girls, Jouelzy will definitely become your new IBF (Internet best friend).

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 5. Mastering the Art of Sunless Tanning - Michelle Phan

As if you actually need an introduction to this stellar vlogger! Her wide variety of videos is a testament to her wealth of knowledge. One of the best things about Phan is that she doesn’t just focus on one skin tone, but really tries to showcase multiple tones, which is super helpful when you have over eight million subscribers!

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6. How to: Fill Your Brows – Dulce Candy

“I know how to do my brows perfectly” – said no one ever. So if you are like most of the general population and could use a little bit of brow guidance every now and then, Dulce Candy will be your saving grace. We don’t want to brag, but her tutorials are pretty sweet.

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7. Princess Ariel Mermaid Makeup Inspiration - Ellend

This beauty blogger delivers the hijab/Disney tutorials that you never knew you needed. Even if you don’t wear a hijab, her videos are definitely worth checking out!

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8. How to Bake Makeup for Darker Skin - Patricia Bright

Want to get a look that will make you so flawless you can say #nofilter and actually be telling the truth? Definitely check out Patricia Bright. She has some of the best tutorials on YouTube for dark-skinned ladies.

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9. No-Makeup Makeup Tutorial – Jazzy Tan

While most of Tan’s tutorials are geared towards her Asian viewers, the tips are definitely also super helpful for other skin tones as well!   

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10. How to: Get Curly Hair Using Wand Method – MonicaStyleMuse

Between her fun personality and awesome beauty tips, you’re going to wish this vlogger had more than 152 videos! 

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11. Kylie Jenner Inspired Makeup Tutorial – Shreya Masters

A lot of Kylie Jenner makeup tutorials are done by makeup artists who already kind of look a little bit like Kylie. This tutorial offers the same classic Kylie look, but for tanned, Asian, and Indian skin which makes it a must-watch in our opinion.

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Which YouTube beauty guru is going to be your new go-to, collegiettes?


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