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Here is the Salary You Need to be Happy, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Your horoscope can often tell you a lot of things about your life, including whom you’re compatible with and how you make decisions. Why can’t your desired salary be astrologically destined as well?

If you’re stressing about what type of salary you should be aiming for, we’re here to help. Read below and find the right dollar amount to align with your happiness, as the zodiac calendar indicates.

Aries: $100,000

There’s no mistaking it: you Aries women are bold. You identify as go-big-or-go-home women, and that’s a good thing! Thus, you might need a salary that’s on the higher end in order to live the lifestyle that you desire.

Since one of your weaknesses is impatience, you’ll want to climb the corporate ladder as quickly as you can, and you won’t be afraid to negotiate for a higher salary. Sophia Walker, a senior at Bowdoin College, is a proud Aries. "Always optimistic, we can deal with setbacks because we believe in our visions!"

Taurus: $65,000

As a Taurus, your attitude leans towards serious, and this certainly applies to your career. Your job needs to be sturdy and traditional, and you hope to stay at your company of choice for several years.

Your salary should reflect your ambition and independence both in your job and personal life. You strive to “do it all,” so you should have the funds to allow you to achieve your goals.

Gemini: $50,000

Geminis are untraditional and tend to do things more sporadically. Your tendency to have varying personality traits is present in your career choices. As a result, you might make money in more unique ways and hold a couple different jobs at once. You’re also not afraid to make less money in the beginning of your career and adapt to change easily.

Isabel Calkins, a junior at NYU, notes the ability for Geminis to embrace a career straying from the linear path, as she says, "[Geminis] might make money in more untraditional ways, like freelancing or babysitting on top of a normal income."

Cancer: $60,000

Cancers are certainly part of a unique breed. You possess great company loyalty and aren’t afraid of organizational changes; however, you can sometimes be very sensitive when something affects you personally.

A salary that is too low might make you doubt your worth to a company, but one that is too high doesn’t feel right. This is a happy medium that you’re comfortable with.

Leo: $80,000

Leos are larger than life. People gravitate towards you when you walk into a room. You know what you want, and aren’t afraid to ask for it.

When it comes to your career, you like to know that you’re being appreciated for your efforts, especially when it comes to money. That acknowledgement from your boss provides you the greatest happiness of all.

Virgo: $50,000

Virgos tend to be more practical and honest. You know how much money you’ll need in order to be satisfied. You’re smart, and always take your time before considering a job offer, yet due to your passiveness, you likely won’t question a salary too early on.

As a Virgo, you define your success by the type of job you have and the extent to which you're challenged and growing in your role more than your salary. Shelly Adams, a junior at Shenandoah University, finds this true of Virgos as she says, "No matter where we are, we always know we can do better and we go for it!"

Libra: $35,000

Harmony is your middle name. As a Libra, your personality is more kind and gentle, and you always stray from conflict. When it comes to the beginning of your career, you refuse to question the salary first offered to you out of fear of appearing ungrateful.

You’re able to see the big picture when it comes to your career, and you know that with hard work and persistence, the money will eventually come.

Scorpio: $90,000

Scorpios are fierce and ambitious in all of their endeavors. You’re not afraid of a challenge, and your passion for life is undeniable.

While you certainly want a healthy work-life balance, you’re also not ashamed to admit that you’d like a higher salary too. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? Sydnee Marie, a second-year graduate student at Florida Atlantic University, identifies with these Scorpio qualities, saying, "I'm extremely passionate about the work I do and being sufficiently rewarded for a job well done."

Sagittarius: $75,000

You are optimistic and enthusiastic about your career, no matter your specific endeavors. You are also very honest with your peers and aren’t afraid to take risks.

You’re also honest with yourself and know that you’d like to make more money than the average person in order to feed your adventurous side. Additionally, you aren’t afraid to ask for that raise when you know that you’ve earned it because it will help you achieve your life goals.

Capricorn: $40,000

Capricorns are known to be practical and responsible. If you have the necessities while being able to do what you’re passionate about, you will be just fine. Iris Goldsztajn, an intern at Cosmopolitan, says that Capricorns are serious and goal-oriented, and feel comfortable knowing when they have the bases covered in terms of finances.

Agreeing very much with this sentiment is Micki Wagner, a student at the University of Missouri, who adds, “Capricorns are workaholics, and our happiness is found in doing a job we love more than in making a ton of money.” 

Aquarius: $45,000

You are very caring and open-minded with a creative spirit. As an Aquarius, you want a career that makes an impact, but are fine with sacrificing some dollars in the beginning in order to achieve your goals.

As long as your job allows you to be the great communicator that you are and build strong relationships with your coworkers, you will be good to go.

Pisces: $55,000

Pisces women are very intuitive and sympathetic. You’re easygoing and patient by nature, which might make you gravitate towards a career with steady growth opportunities that allow you to make a direct impact on others, such as in sales.

You don’t demand a high salary, but you appreciate the ability to make performance bonuses and prove your monetary worth to your boss overtime.  

Whether you'd like a higher or lower salary, it's clear that your personality traits can help to determine how you should look at your career. Your perfect salary just might be written in the stars!

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