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14 Tumblr Posts That Are So Weird They're Funny


You never know what you'll find on Tumblr. You'll all stumble upon the weird part of Tumblr at least once in your lifetime—and, boy, is it an amazing corner of the internet. From the extremely bizarre to WTF moments, here are 14 Tumblr posts that are so strange that they've become comedic gold.

1. This post about tomatoes and death

2. This situation we've all been in

3. This timeless first world problem

4. The confusing corn crisis

5. When the butter pillows shouldn't be the biggest concern

6. This confusion about dentists

7. This one about being socially awkward to the next level

8. Sims proving to be an extremely weird game

9. Is Grandma okay?

10. We all know the blanket 

11. "Which one?"

12. The one about chili sauce rivers

13. When flappy bird will never be looked at the same

14. The one about the over-the-top funeral 

Tumblr, please never change. You're amazing just the way you are.

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