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15 Things Only Girls Who Can't Decide What They Want Understand


We know how hard it is to make important life decisions, but we also know how much we tend to freak out about the tiny ones too. For the girl inside all of us who LOVES to sweat the small stuff, we've compiled a list of things we can all relate to when making daily decisions. So here you go: 15 things only girls who can't make up their damn mind understand.

1. People are always pressuring you to make a decision

2. Which is something you HATE because your worst fear is choosing wrong

3. You recognize that some decisions are life-changing and need to be thought out

4. But sometimes even the most mundane of choices makes you think a little too hard

5. Which means everyone is always telling you to lighten up

6. Oftentimes your mental process looks a lot like this:

7. Picking a restaurant makes you want to crawl into bed and never leave

8. And don’t even get us started on choosing what to order when you get there

9. People often accuse you of being flaky

10. But you know you're just evaluating all your options

11. Choosing a school was one of the hardest things you’ve ever had to do

12. And that was before you had to choose a roomie and a color scheme for your dorm room

13. And it was such a relief when all your Facebook stalking and small talk led you to the best roomie ever

14. You take pride in your careful decision-making

15. But you know you may have to work a little more on going with the flow

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