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How You'll Lose Your Virginity, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


No matter your zodiac sign, having sex for the first time is something that you will remember for the rest of your life. From renting out a hotel to having sex after prom, losing your virginity is going to be exciting and special. Here is how you will lose it according to your zodiac sign:


If you are an Aries, it is highly likely that you are adventurous, energetic, courageous and enthusiastic when it comes to sex. Because of this, you will lose your virginity pretty spontaneously. Whether that is on spring break with a cutie from the hotel or with your prom date, having sex is not something that you want to plan. You want it to happen naturally and randomly and therefore it is going to be incredibly exciting either way.


As a Taurus woman, you are always patient, reliable, persistent and determined. With these traits, you will probably lose your virginity to a long-term lover. It will be amazing with candles, music and a set of lingerie. Even though you may have to wait for the right moment, you don’t care as long as it is absolutely perfect.

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Gemini women are known for being witty, youthful, eloquent and lively in the bedroom.  Because of these traits, you will most likely lose your virginity to a summer love. You will spend the summer falling for each other, much like Liam and Miley in The Last Song and by the time August comes around, you find the perfect spot on the beach to end the summer with a bang. Literally. For Sarah*, a Gemini at High Point University, that is exactly what happened to her. "I met John* while I was working at a summer camp a few summers ago and I fell hard," she says. "We were inseparable but we both knew that it wouldn't work past the summer. So on the second to last night, we went out to stargaze and it just happened. It was romantic and perfect and couldn't have been any more spontaneous." 


Cancer women are, more often than not, emotional, intuitive, imaginative and sympathetic in bed. Although losing your virginity is not something you take lightly, you won’t plan it. It will happen with someone you love very much and it will be on a night where your emotions are flying. Maybe you just won an award or your SO is going off to college—either way, it will be passionate and intense.


Leo women are generous, warm-hearted, faithful and creative when it comes to sex. This means that you will probably lose your virginity after months of planning—but your partner will never know all the work you put into it. Whether that means renting a hotel room on your anniversary and surprising your SO, or laying down thousands of red roses before your bae comes over, everything will be super fun and exciting. Emily*, a Leo at Northwestern University, said that it took her two years with her partner before she lost her virginity. "I knew I was ready and loved him but I had to make sure it was really the best idea. I wanted it to be perfect and that meant everything from where, when, and what I was wearing."


Virgo women are modest, diligent, intelligent and meticulous in the bedroom. So when it comes to losing your virginity, this is a decision you have not made quickly. You have weighed the pros and the cons and made sure that your partner is the absolute right person you want to have your first time with. It will be in your childhood bedroom and you will make sure that your parents are out of town and that you have 50 different kinds of condoms ready. Better safe than sorry for a Virgo.

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Libra women are romantic, idealistic, sociable and charming. This means that for losing your virginity, it may not be someone that you ever thought you would have sex with. But nonetheless, it’ll be perfect. You don’t want it to be rushed so you make sure to do it in a place that is a bit untraditional, like an empty house or a park (just be sure no one is around!). You know that if you were at your house, your parents might come home and that is not a situation you want to deal with. So you plan ahead and think through every possible option.


Scorpio women are determined, powerful, emotional and exciting. Because of these traits, you will most likely lose your virginity without planning ahead of time. Much like Blair Waldorf who lost her virginity in the back of a limo, you will lose it in a way that you will remember for the rest of your life, no matter how crazy it may seem in the moment. Jackie*, a Scorpio at Syracuse University, actually had a similar experience to Blair that she will never forget. "I met this guy at the grocery store and the moment I saw him there was a spark," she says. "I was 19 and a virgin but there was just something about him that I knew I wanted. We walked out of the store together and did it right in his car. We dated for three years after that moment." So like Jackie, it could be in a car, or it could be on a Ferris wheel, but wherever the place, it will be absolutely incredible.


Sagittarius women are incredibly optimistic, philosophical, straightforward and funny all the time. You will lose your virginity with one of your closest friends and loves. It will be romantic yet hilarious because both of you do not know what you are doing yet—but it will be mind-blowing. It will be one of the best experiences of your life because you are having fun with someone you love.


Capricorns are idealistic, ambitious, practical and reserved, even during sex. This means that you will most likely speak with your mother ahead of time to talk about sex to get her advice. Then when the moment is right, candles will be lit and it will be slow and beautiful. You do not want to rush it because you want to make sure you are doing everything right. For Laura*, a Capricorn at the University of Rochester, that is exactly what she did. "I was dating my SO for a year and a half and I knew that I was ready to have sex. So I talked to my mom about it a few times before it actually happened. Afterwards, I felt so comfortable because I knew that what I was doing was healthy and normal."


Aquarius women are friendly, loyal, inventive and independent. This means that you will probably lose your virginity to someone you do not know that well, but still are 100 percent sure that you want to do it. To you, sex is a way to pleasure yourself and not about making the other person happy. You know what you like and will help your partner accomplish those things. 


Pisces women are sensitive, selfless, imaginative and compassionate.  With these traits, you will probably lose your virginity while you are traveling around the world. You fall in love fast and hard and want to make sex a thing to remember forever. Even if you won’t ever see your partner again, you will remember that moment for the rest of your life.

Whether you are a Cancer or a Scorpio, losing your virginity is a big moment in your life. From a candlelit room to the back of a car, it will be special no doubt because you are ready for it. When you look back at having sex for the first time, you will know that it was perfect for you.

*Names have been changed

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