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16 Things Only People Who Have Night Class Understand


When you predicted your schedule for the semester, the last thing it probably involved was going to a class at 8 p.m., during the opportune time for completing homework for other courses. Maybe you actually voluntarily signed up to take this class—probably because you have more important things to do during the day, like a real adult job. No matter which category you fall into, the experience of the night class student is definitely not one to sleep on.

1. Number one thing on your mind: to eat dinner before or after?

Cramming it all in before like…

2. The agony of not being able to use your laptop as a pillow

3. It's the only time you actually want to be doing your homework

Well, that’s still debatable.

4. The clock moves so slow, but when you're in your room, the time literally flies by?!?

HOW? Please make this end.

5. So close to bedtime, the brain is not meant to function when it comes to new lessons on derivatives

6. It’s so late not even Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat can keep you awake at this point

Nothing interesting is going on. 

7. This is the one time you actually dread watching a movie in class

Dark lighting when it’s already dark outside is a no-no!

8. You've been working hard tonight, so an online shopping trip is a good reward

Typing notes slowly turns into free shipping with a full cart. 

9. You still have to be prepared for the prof to call on you, whether or not you know the answer

Unfortunately, night class is still class!

10. You don't know many people in your classes

Because they somehow dodged this miserable nightlife. 

11. Trying to make sure that you stretch to stay awake while not making it look like you’re raising your hand

12. At least you have the most logical reasoning for wearing sweatpants to class

I'm going to bed right after this, ok?

13. Not being able to go out with your friends because you're still in class

Meet up with you later? RIP.

14. Regretting this schedule on the daily

15. What you plan to do after this class is over: SLEEP

16. What you know you'll have to do after this class is over: STUDY

Ahh, the life of a night class student is never boring (even if it’s only one class).

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