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The 10 Feelings You Have During Sorority Rush


If you're in Greek life, have friends in Greek life or are hoping to join this year, then you know what time of year it is: sorority rush! Hoards of girls all over the country will line up in front of chapter houses with the hopes of finding new sisters and a place to call home. This week can be exciting, stressful and everything in between, so here are the feelings you're likely to experience if you're going through recruitment this year.

1. Excitement

You've likely been waiting years for this, and the time has finally come!

2. Panic (as you decide what to wear)

Does this look cute? Promise? Promise????

3. Nervousness

You're likely going to start freaking out a little as you walk up to your first house. Don't worry, everyone is feeling the same way!

4. Wonder

As you go from house to house, you'll start thinking about which girls you liked and which houses probably aren't the best fit.

5. Exhaustion

At the end of each day (or round), you'll be so tired from girl flirting that you'll just want to collapse on your bed until you have to get up and start again.

6. Forced Happiness

At a certain point, you're going to have to get your best fake smile ready. All you'll want to do is go home and lay in bed, but the extra hours will be worth it in a few days!

7. Disappointment 

You're likely to get cut from a few houses that you were sure were your top choice, but this happens to everyone. Relax, go with it and try to trust the process!

8. Relief

At the same time, houses are going to invite you back that you did not expect at all!

9. ~All the feels~

On the last night of recruitment (usually called preference night), the sororities will share with you what they value and love most about their sisterhood, and it's bound to get emotional.


At the end of a long week of rush, there's no better feeling than running home to your new sisters on bid day!

Recruitment is definitely an emotional time, but it's worth it to find a community of love and friendship on campus. Stay strong during this hectic week, collegiettes!

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