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15 Things You'll Understand if You're the One Person on This Planet Who Hates Fall


Well, friends, it's officially fall, and despite the fact that fall is most people's preferred season, there are plenty who aren't about fall at all. If you're one of the few people on this planet who wishes this season would just blow away with the wind, this list is for you.

1. You delay updating your autumn wardrobe because maybe, just maybe, if you wish hard enough, we'll just skip straight to spring

A girl can dream, right? 

2. For you, fall just means school (and tons of homework)

"Excuse me, professor. May I be excused forever?"

3. You miss those sweet, lazy days at the beach

Same, Kevin. Same. 

4. You think any temperature below 70 degrees is unacceptable

Literally you when you have to walk out the door.

5. When people tell you how excited they are for fall, you just have to smile and nod 

*Eye twitch*

6. You actually don't really care about pumpkin-flavored things

Forgive me, society, for I have sinned. 

7. The days are getting shorter, and you hate it

It should not be dark at 6 p.m. 

8. You only do Halloween for the candy

Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins are Halloween's only redeeming quality. 

9. You think it's sad the leaves are falling 

Trees are literally DYING, people. 

10. You dread having to shop for warmer clothes and shoes

*Dreads looking like Randy in A Christmas Story

11. When you see pictures on Instagram of people going on hayrides, you make this face

Allergies, anyone? 

12. You watch a ton of old, summer blockbusters to make yourself feel better

Escapism at its finest. 

13. You think hot beverages are an abomination

What do you mean "hot cider"? Drinks are supposed to be refreshing. 

14. You hate seeing Thanksgiving and Christmas products in September

It's madness! 

15. You'd be fine locking yourself inside until spring finally rolls around

Don't worry—before you know it, spring will be back!

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