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16 Signs You & Your Best Friend Are Worse Than 'That Couple'


We all want an inseparable best friend—someone who will get matching haircuts with you and finish your sandwiches (er—sentences). After all, your person is not always a significant other. Sometimes, your soulmate is actually your best friend. These are 16 signs that you and your BFF are "that couple." 

1. You've got your future house and pet situation planned out 

You'll have two dogs and two cats. And you'll live in a cute cottage with a big yard for your shared pets to roam around.   

2. You hate the same people

Your enemies are her enemies. Gotta be on the same page, right?

3. If you don't talk for a few days, it feels like your world is ending

The apocalypse is definitely upon us. 

4. You two are experts at nonverbal communication

Words aren't necessary. A look or hand signal is all you need. 

5. You celebrate friend anniversaries on an annual basis

Hey, you've been friends for a long time. That kind of commitment deserves celebration with lots of cake. 

6. You've been compared to Siamese twins on more than one occasion

You can't help it—you two are just so close.

7. You two go everywhere and do everything together

You're attached at the hip. 

8. When you're alone, people constantly ask you where your best friend is

"Are you guys okay? Did you two get into a fight? Is she dying?"

9. Dating someone your best friend doesn't like is not an option

Don't even think about it. She needs full approval.

10. You trust no one's opinion more than hers

After all, besties' minds think alike.

11. You two are a package deal wherever you go

If you don't take her, you sure as heck don't get me. 

12. You don't get jealous of her other friends

Their relationship with your best friend is nothing compared to what you two have. They'll never be able to match it.

13. You feel personally offended when someone doesn't like them

You two are basically the same person. If you don't like her, then you automatically won't like me. And how could you not like her? She's amazing.

14. You two are always basking in the memories and inside jokes that have formed the basis of your friendship

This tends to annoy all outsiders. You don't get the joke? Oh well, you just had to be there. 

15. Their parents consider you to be their adopted daughter

You spend so much time with their kid you two are practically siblings at this point.

16. Your Instagram selfie game is stronger than that of the cutest couples out there

And ten times more obnoxious. No shame at all. 

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