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19 Halloween Costumes You're Going to See Everywhere This Year


We're quickly entering crunch time for creating a Halloween costume! Coming from someone who always has elaborate costumes organized by the end of August, no time is too early to start planning. For those of you who are struggling to discern what costumes wil be popular this year, Polyvore has your back. Basically our Halloween fairy godmother, they mined their data to find the most searched costumes of 2017. Grab one of these ensembles, and you're set.

Harley Quinn 

This costume was the most searched in 2016, too! The reign of Harley continues, which is good news for anyone who missed the opportunity to sport some multicolored hair and short-shorts the first time around. Now, all you need to do is find your Joker…

1. DC Comics Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Daddy’s Little Monster Girls Raglan ($26.50 - $30.50 at Hot Topic)


 2. Halloween Harley Quinn Skater Dress ($58.90 at Torrid)



This one is a classic, but that doesn’t mean it's outdated. Rather, witch costumes has stood the test of time. We’re not talking about your mother’s witch costume, or a floor length dress, fake mole and broom. Using a few of the hottest trends of this season, you’ll be sure to stand out as the chicest witch of 2017! 

1. Witch Way Slip Dress ($18 at DollsKill)


 2. Witch Worldwide Moon & Stars Fringe Kimono ($105 at Dollskill)



2017 has seen another rise of mythical creatures: unicorns, mermaids and now fairies. Take inspiration from some of your early childhood faves for a guaranteed way to look cute this Halloween season. 

1. Shimmering Butterfly Wings - Pink ($18.99 at Buy Costumes)

2. Fairy Pink Chiffon Maxi Skirt ($32.18 at ChicWish)


Evil Queen

Sometimes being the villain is a lot of fun. Halloween is the perfect time to let your alter ego shine (or just embrace your true personality). Move over princesses, there's new royalty around. 

1. Maleficent Deluxe Christening Black Gown Adult Costume ($59.99 at Buy Costumes)


2. Disney Villains Lace Print Leggings ($29.17 at Torrid)



With the number of Pennywise costumes I’m sure we'll see this year, we need some adorable costumes to offset the terror. And nothing is cuter than a bunny, right? 

1. Minna Parikka 20mm Leather Bunny Tail Sneakers ($386 at LUISAVIAROMA)

  2. ASOS Velvet Bunny Ears Headband ($12.63 at ASOS)



Do you have a lot of guy friends you can’t stand to see sporting another last-minute DIY costume? Organize them into the Guardians of the Galaxy gang, and be the star of the show as Gamora.

1. Secret Wishes Gamora Deluxe Coat Adult Costume ($59.99 at Buy Costumes)


 2. Jeffrey Campbell Gamora Thigh High Boot ($189.95 at Nordstrom)


White Queen

Looking for the perfect costume for you and your best friend? Be the evil witch’s counterpart with this stunning costume idea. Just be sure to take plenty of regal photos to remember your reigning night as the best dressed on Halloween. 

1. Diamond Sparkling Crystal Rhinestone Hair Chain King Queen Tiara Wedding Party Headpiece ($18.99 at Newchic


2. Lotus Queen Maxi Dress ($244 at Revolve)


Wonder Woman

Unsurprisingly, this amazing female superhero broke the top 10 list this year. Who wasn’t pumped full of adrenaline watching Gal Gadot star in the film? Channel your inner badass with these costume ideas. 

1. Wonder Woman Logo Tank Top ($24.43 at Torrid


 2. Wonder Woman Baseball Cap ($12.90 at Forever 21)



All I wanted to be for Halloween when I was a child was Disney's Ariel. However, my mom wasn’t prepared to turn my brunette hair into the signature red needed for the costume, or let me out in a costume that created even the slightest possibility of me catching a cold (seashells don’t seem like the warmest choice). For those of us who weren’t able to live out our Ariel fantasies in elementary school, these pieces are the perfect way to give the costume a grown-up spin. 

1. As I Am Lucky Charmz Skirt ($52 at Dollskill)


2. Mermaid Printed Leggings ($30 at Dollskill)


Corpse Bride

Lets be honest, the quickest way to ensure that you actually scare all eligible, single guys this Halloween is by donning a wedding dress. With a quick couple of changes, you can turn yourself from the run-of-the-mill blushing bride to a dead one that will scare guys for the right reasons this season. 

1. Black Stylish Cartoon Print Leggings ($11.99 at Maykool)


2. Grave Proposal Bride Costume ($38 at Dollskill)



Want a costume that's out of this world? Since no one knows what exactly aliens look like, you can be creative with your costume and truly design the alien of your dreams. 

1. Alien Sequin Bodysuit by Tee & Cake ($48 at Topshop)


 2. Alien Costume Kit ($39 at Urban Outfitters


A pirate is a Halloween classic and a staple at any costume party. Since it's so versatile, this should be an easy costume to put together last minute.

1. Pirate Queen Adult Costume ($49.99 at Buy Costumes)


2. Leg Avenue Halloween Black Sea Buccaneer Costume ($50.90 at Torrid)


Bar Wench

This is a perfect spin on the classic pirate costume! However, I would advise that you make it known at the beginning of the party that you won’t actually be tending to the bar. 

1. Dark Red Beer Girl Maid Costume ($30.99 at Maykool


 2. Twig + Arrow Alcohol Adhesive Stickers ($4.50 at Lord and Taylor)


Harry Potter

Who hasn’t wanted to be a wizard or witch at one time or another? Put on your best green, red, yellow or blue, and show your house spirit on every witch’s favorite day of the year. Bonus points if you walk around with Hermoine hair! 

1. Harry Potter Ravenclaw Suspender Skirt ($36.7 at Torrid


2. Harry Potter "Mischief Managed" Embossed Clutch ($16.80 at Kohl’s)


If you're not a devil at least once during your college years, then you haven’t lived. Put on the red spandex and a pair of cheap plastic horns to participate in this right of passage. 

1. Darling Damnation Flame Mini Skirt ($28 at Dollskill)


2. Signature Bodysuit in Red Holographic, Halloween Costume, Sexy Devil Costume, Spandex Romper, Dance Leotard, Burning Man, by LENA QUIST ($275 at Etsy


French Maid

A maid is a fun costume to wear on Halloween night, but be sure to ditch the apron the morning after when its time for someone to clean up after the party. 

1. French Maid Apron & Headband ($17.99 at Buy Costumes


2. Black Maid Collar Short Sleeve Chiffon Dress ($10.99 at Choies)


Little Red Riding Hood

Lets be honest, the big bad wolf is definitely all of the skeezy men at Halloween parties who are hoping that their costumes will disguise them as nice people. 

1. LES NEREIDES Into The Woods Little Red Riding Hood's Face Adjustable Ring ($44.99 at BlueFly)

2. Gothic Red Riding Hood Adult Costume ($66.99 at Buy Costumes)



Move over Sleeping Beauty, we all know that Maleficent was the real star of this classic Disney movie. Channel your inner Angelina Jolie and don a pair of these magnificent horns. 

1. Disney Maleficent Multi-Color Hi-Lo Skater Dress ($68.90 at Torrid)


2. Disney Maleficent Kimono ($34.90 at Hot Topic)


Poison Ivy

Fight Wonder Woman with popular DC character, Poison Ivy. Green looks good on everyone!

1. Ivy Garland ($28.49 at NOVICA)


2. Hobbs London Maida Shirred-Hem Dress ($195 at Bloomingdale’s)


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