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15 Things You'll Understand if Your Friends Are in Sororities But You're Not


You may not have joined a sorority, but you still know how to enjoy Greek life—with gyros and vacations in Mykonos. Your friends are knee-deep in chapter meetings, rush schedules and frat parties, and you have to put up with it all. Here are 15 things you'll understand if you decided not to join a sorority like your pals.

1. You are the shoulder everyone cries on if they didn't get their top bid for a sorority

2. You are basically the support system for all your friends during rush week

3. Since you aren't in a sorority, you may not be invited to frat parties but always find your way in

4. You've mastered the art of sneaking into a frat party by hiding behind your friend’s large tribe of sorority sisters

5. As it turns out, Greek Week is not a massive Greek food festival

Tzatziki sauce with everything, please!

6. When asked who your big and little sisters are, you go into a rant about your annoying biological sisters

They steal all my clothes, okay?

7. Even though you aren’t in a sorority, you know the official chant and signs for each of your friends’ houses

8. Absolutely nothing can be planned on the same night as chapter meetings

They go on FOREVER.

9. You secretly rejoice that you don’t have to attend chapter meetings and go through rush

No heels for me, tyvm.

10. Waiting awkwardly and patiently while your friend hugs every sorority sister you pass on the way to class

11. You have your official statement ready at all times for when anyone asks you why you aren’t in a sorority like the rest of your friends

12. Your closet always gets raided the day of a formal

Because your friends always wait until the last minute to find dresses and they're desperate.

13. You send your sorority friends your notes from class if they're busy planning sisterhood events

Or they probably slept through lecture from staying up too late the night before for rush week.

14. Everyone asks if you feel like you missed out on the bond between sorority sisters and you're like:

15. But at the end of the day, sorority sister or not, your love for your friends will last a lifetime

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