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15 Times in College When You Realize Just How Lazy You Are


Going into college, all you ever hear about is how much busier you'll be than you were in high school. That's partially true, but there are days in college when you're just so lazy that you'll forget what it was like to live a full, active day of high school. Some weeks you'll probably disgust yourself with how much you can't be bothered by college. 

To honor that point in the semester when all of your peppy, back-to-school cheeriness fades away (aka the second or third week of school), here are 15 moments in college when you realize just how lazy you can be. 

1. When the dining hall is right next to your dorm but still too far away

Winter is a cruel, cruel time to be on a college campus. You'll probably hibernate in your room and dig around for snacks before even thinking about going into the frozen tundra for prepared food. 

2. When you realize it's impossible to wake up before 8 a.m. now

I woke up for high school at 5:45 a.m. every morning with five to six hours of sleep. This ability to function on little sleep probably disappeared during my freshman orientation week. 

3. When you attempt to shave your legs and just have to give up 

Blame it on the weather, society or the size of the communal bathroom's shower stall, but your legs will go a little hairier than usual for the four years of college. 

4. When you need a nap two hours after waking up

Maybe staying up late to finish Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was a bad idea? 

5. When you don't finish a book for class but don't even bother checking its SparkNotes

Pro tip: Listen to what others are saying in group discussion and just chime into everyone else's opinions. 

6. When you buy more clothes (*cough* underwear) so you can do less laundry

Give me a couple more pairs of underwear, and I'm a happy, carefree girl. 

7. When it's been a rough week and you can only manage taking a shot straight from the bottle 

It's Friday night, and I'm asking for no judgment. 

8. When you're eating with friends and ask someone to grab you more fries when they get up 

You're still finishing up your chicken, so why shouldn't someone who's already getting up pick up your second helping?

9. When you use plastic utensils to avoid washing dishes 

The environment hates you, but you don't have to clean up. 

10. When you just don't want to go to class, so you lie to your professor about being sick

"Hi, Dr. So-and-so! Unfortunately, I've woken up with a stomach bug and I don't think I can make it to class today…" 

11. When you end up debating with your roommate about who has to get up to turn off the lights before bed

If I throw a shoe at the switch, will it turn off? 

12. When you use the plastic bags from your supermarket trip as garbage bags

Being lazy can also mean being a little cheap. 

13. When you wonder how many days you can get away with wearing the same pair of jeans

As long as I don't get a ketchup stain on them, I'm good.

14. When dry shampoo has become your best friend

You know you're a college kid home for break when you have the time for a long, hot shower that includes no flip flops and actually washing your hair. 

15. When you're so lazy that you don't even feel like eating meals

If you are having dinner on a lazy day, it's probably whatever's left in that bag of chips next to your bed.

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