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17 Reasons Why Having a Crush Is Absolute Torture


Having a crush at age six is super cute, and it's probably over by recess. Having a crush at 20, on the other hand, is super annoying, awkward and seemingly never-ending. You meet someone new in a class, at a party or from swiping on Tinder, and you notice those familiar warning signs that tell you your worst nightmare is coming true: You’re developing a crush on this person. Having a crush is actually the worst, and here are 17 reasons why.

1. It makes you feel like you’re in middle school all over again

And no one wants to go back to middle school.

2. You don’t see the crush coming until it’s too late

You never notice it in time to stop it. One day, you think, “Yeah, I guess they’re kind of cute,” and the next day you’re fantasizing about them asking you out.  

3. And when you finally see it coming, you try to deny that it’s even happening

How could you have a crush on that person? You barely know them. It’s not a crush; it’s just a tiny attraction. You’re just acknowledging that they have a nice smile. And nice eyes. And a nice laugh. And a nice everything. That’s all.

4. You can never tell if they’re flirting back or if they’re just being nice to you

Are you even flirting with them? What if they think you’re just being nice? You’re not cut out for this life.

5. And when you actively try to flirt with them, it comes out like this:

A for effort, F for execution.

6. Checking out their profile turns into you downright stalking them and looking through posts from 2011

While praying you don’t accidentally like anything.

7. You can actually feel yourself annoying other people with how often you talk about them

No one else cares that they changed the part in their hair and it really frames their face nicely, so why do those words keep coming out of your mouth every time you talk to one of your friends?

8. Your friends try to hype up your crush but just end up embarrassing you

Yes, you saw that your crush is here. No, you don’t need each of your friends to physically point them out and push you in their direction.

9. You lose every bit of cool whenever you’re with them

Your crush: I love Chipotle.

You: *blurts out* Chipotle gives me gas.

10. To the point where interacting with them gives you an actual panic attack

Texting someone first or saying "hi" to someone when you see them on campus shouldn’t make you this nervous, but it does. Butterflies in the stomach are a real thing when you have a crush.

11. You’ll use any excuse to start a conversation with them or invite them somewhere

“It’s my roommate’s cat’s birthday today. Do you want to come to his party?”

12. And when you inevitably make a fool of yourself around them, you regret everything

Why did I send that GIF of a talking llama at 3 a.m.?

13. Your social media presence pretty much turns into you trying to impress your crush

And you drive yourself crazy waiting for them to like your picture or watch your Snap story.

14. You change your routine to try to see them more and risk turning into an actual stalker

There’s a fine line between trying to orchestrate a few “accidental” run-ins and learning their entire schedule and showing up everywhere they go.

15. And when you actually do run into them accidentally, you look like absolute garbage

Of course you run into them at the grocery store when you don’t even look like a functioning human. If it was anyone else, you wouldn’t care, but how are you supposed to make them fall in love with you now?

16. When they talk to you first, you have to try not to act too excited and usually fail epically

I won’t respond immediately this time. I’ll wait an hour and play it cool.

Your crush: *texts you*

You: *responds .5 seconds later*

17. You won’t know if they like you back unless someone finally makes a move  

There are only two ways this ends: Either you find the courage to tell them how you feel, or you wait for them to make a move they might never make. So basically, there’s no good way out of this, and you should avoid putting yourself in this situation at all costs.

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