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18 Texts You'll Send Your Best Friend Who Goes to a Different College


Staying in touch with your best friend while in college is like a long distance relationship. Your high school bestie will always be your go-to ranter, gossiper and confidant. But it gets a little tough to maintain your close bond with miles between you if you go to different colleges. Here are 18 text messages we've all sent to our BFF at another university. 

1. Can't watch together but gotta stay up to date

2. Hometown gossip queens

3. I just wanna send cute snail mail ok

4. Help a girl out

5. Reminiscing on childhood mems like

6. Like, right now

7. It's a fashion emergency

8. When your colleges play each other

9. Remembering the awkward times

10. When you're too fluent in school slang

11. Major coordination probs #rip


13. And the inevitable reunion

14. Start from the beginning

15. Different schedules create the worst FOMO

16. When she's on quarters and you're on semester

17. I just need you

18. It's so real

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