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The 9 People You’ll See on Your Twitter Feed


When you’re scrolling through your Twitter feed (and thinking this), there are probably a few characters who catch your attention – and we’re not talking about the 140 that make up a tweet! Just like a family reunion, no Twitterverse would be complete without a few nuts. Although not all Twitter feeds are made equally, there are a few classic categories that most tweeters fall into. Here are the nine tweeters you definitely follow!

1. The Boyfriend-Obsessed Tweeter

“I’m so lucky to call this guy my boyfriend. I love you babe!! #hesakeeper #blessed”

As you would expect, The Boyfriend-Obsessed Tweeter tweets solely about her man, with a few romantic quote retweets thrown in for good measure. While a tweet here and there about your significant other is perfectly acceptable, this tweeter takes her (virtual) affections to a level that some would consider unhealthy. When the couple calls it quits, it’s best to stay away from Twitter for a while, as you’ll soon have an Emotional Tweeter taking over your feed (see number two).

2. The Emotional Tweeter

“You’re supposed to have my back, not stab me in it. #done”

When anything at all dramatic happens in the life of The Emotional Tweeter, you’re going to be the first to hear about it. If this person goes through a bad breakup, watch out, because your Twitter feed is guaranteed to be flooded with emotional song lyrics, angry subtweets and retweets of photos with captions like, “#ThisCouldBeUsBut you’re a tool.”

3. The Party Animal

“Bout 2 go hard tonight with the crew! #turndownforwhat”

Not only does this person enjoy drinking copious amounts of alcohol and throwing Project-X-style ragers, she loves tweeting about her exploits even more. For The Party Animal, every night is a Friday night. You’re likely to see this person excitedly tweeting about all the booze she’s about to consume, saying “turnt up” as much as possible and, of course, crafting unintelligible drunk tweets in the wee hours of the morning.

4. The Fitness Fiend

“My legs are killing me after doing all of those reps yesterday, but I’m back on that gym grind. #motivation #fitness”

Fitness fanatics love to tweet about three things: getting ready to go to the gym, being at the gym and leaving the gym post-workout. With their healthy meals, sweaty gym pics and motivational fitness quotes, these tweeters will make you think twice about spending the day in bed watching Catfish marathons. They may be obsessed, but we have to admit that their tweets secretly motivate us to get our butts to the gym (after one more episode).

5. The Oversharer

“My class starts in 15 minutes, but I’m debating going home to take a nap because I got literally no sleep last night, ugh. #decisions”

For The Oversharer, “can’t stop, won’t stop” is basically her motto when it comes to tweeting. This person is the Holden Caulfield of the Twittersphere; her tweets are like a stream of consciousness, detailing everything that she says, does or thinks at every moment of every day.

6. The Subtweeter

“Honestly, some people just need to get over themselves... #truth #selfobsessedmuch”

Ah, The Subtweeter. Much like The Emotional Tweeter, this person directs her anger into passive-aggressive tweets about people who have double-crossed her. She never comes out and directly says who she’s talking about, but most of her friends (and the object of the subtweets) know who it is anyway. It’s the modern way of talking behind someone’s back, but for the whole Twittersphere to see.

7. The Overly Enthusiastic Tweeter

“OMG this is the BEST NIGHT EVERRRRR!! JJJ<3 <3 #girlsnight #partyhard #happytweet”

The Overly Enthusiastic Tweeter is instantly recognizable from her use of excessive hashtags, countless emojis and sentences composed of entirely capital letters. In the midst of an otherwise dull Twitter feed, her loud, colorful tweets stand out because she’s just REALLY EXCITED ABOUT EVERYTHING, OKAY?!!

8. The Personal Brander

“Make sure to check out my blog and find me on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+!”

The Personal Brander has a tendency to confuse Twitter with LinkedIn. Between constantly tweeting and retweeting higher-ups in her industry and plugging her blog or online portfolio like crazy, The Personal Brander can make you feel like you’re following a business instead of a person. We’re all for personal branding, but when it comes to tweeting, moderation is key.  

9. The Comedian

“If making eye contact with a guy while trying to lick soup off your sweater is flirting, then yeah, I’m really good at flirting.”

The comedian is one of the most entertaining tweeters to follow, because her tweets are always good for a laugh in the middle of your boring 8 a.m. lecture. When Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance took over the Twittersphere, this was the person who came up with the perfect on-point tweet. Whether it’s a joke, a witty quip or a relatable, funny story, the comedian is sure to add some much-needed humor to your feed.

From The Comedian to The Fitness Fiend, the Twitterverse is a melting pot of different kinds of personalities. Which kind of tweeter are you? Let us know in the comments below!

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