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21 Adorable Best Friend Tattoos For You & Your BFF


Best friends share almost everything: secrets, food, clothes…the list goes on. So why not share some ink? Here are 21 super cute tattoos for you and bestie to prove that you really do mean best friends forever.

1. To Infinity and Beyond

Because your friendship is forever!

2. PB&J

This cute and quirky tattoo will remind you of all the school lunches you've shared with the PB to your J.

3. She Keeps Me...

great way to honor your favorite quality about your best friend. 

4. Small Birds

No matter where you may fly, this tattoo will always remind you of your BFF.

5. Palm Trees


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Matching palm trees perfect for you and your oh-so tropical bestie!

6. Moon and Sun

This artsy ink is for the besties who are like night and day.

7. Peas in a Pod

After all the times your mom has called you two peas in a pod, you might as well own it.

8. Small Hearts

Because best friend love is the BEST love. 

9. Thumbprint Hearts

These hearts add a personal touch to your bestie tattoo by including the shape of your thumbprint.

10. Owls

This is extra amazing if you and your BFF's mantra is YOLO (You Obviously Love Owls, that is).

11. Ying and Yang

A great symbol for the friend that brings balance into your life.

12. Wildflowers

These non-matching wildflower tattoos are perfect for friends who want something permanent, yet individual to represent their friendship.

13. Pinky Promise


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You and your pal have made many promises throughout the years, but this tattoo is a reminder of one you will never break.

14. Beach Babe Besties

A must for the beach babe besties who grew up coast side.

15. Musical Notes

These music-themed tattoos will remind you and your band geek bestie of your summer band camp days.

16. Infinity Symbol

Friends til the end.

17. Puzzle


For all the best pals that aren't complete without each other.

18. Tetris

Quirky ink for the bestie that you've been kicking it with since the Nokia days.

19. Tandem Bikes

Nothing like a bicycle built for two!

20. Your Favorite Show

Commemorate your friendship by getting your favorite Netflix binge inked. 

21. Classic Clock

This intricate, yet timeless (see what we did there?) tattoo is a reminder that you guys are going to be best friends til the end.

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