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15 Things You're Really Doing When You Say You're Studying


As we return to the daunting halls of our classrooms, scour Amazon for the cheapest version of that obscure textbook and refamiliarize our palates with dining hall food, we also get back to the inevitable task that everyone seems to be and not be doing: studying. It’s the activity we know we need to do but never want to. It’s the excuse that we tell our family and friends to get out of anything. In college, “studying” never truly means what it should—here are 15 things we're actually doing instead.

1. Watching Netflix and/or Hulu

That one-episode break becomes an entire season.

2. Watching cat videos in awe

3. Using whatever hair supplies you have to find a new look

4. Catching last-minute sales while online shopping

This also includes putting items in your cart without ever hitting the checkout button.

5. Trying to memorize the dance moves in Beyoncé’s “Run the World (Girls)” video

Or any Beyoncé video ever made.

6. Using your textbooks as weights for exercise

7. Stalking your crush on any and all social media platforms

This also includes LinkedIn.

8. Putting together all your outfits for the rest of the week with inspiration from America's Next Top Model

9. Having your study props set up in their designated positions in case your roommate walks in

10. Making sure that you have a different profile picture for each of your social media accounts

11. Calculating your grade to find out how low you can score on this upcoming exam to still pass the class

12. Making a semi-gourmet meal from whatever snacks are laying around

13. Painting your nails (and toenails) to spell out your name

14. Attempting a new (or any) yoga position

Because I need to relax. 


What could be more important?

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