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15 Struggles Quiet Girls Have When They Go Out


Going out when you're a quiet girl is totally draining. Between having people constantly ask you to speak up and the endless jokes about not knowing what your voice sounds like, it takes a lot of patience to get through the night. If you're a quiet gal, then you've had these 15 experiences while you were out. 

1. Having to constantly answer when people ask why you're so quiet

2. Knowing you're going to need a drink ASAP to talk to people

3. But not being able to talk to the cutie at the bar because you know it'll be way too awkward

4. Then looking around at all the loud girls with both envy and uncertainty

5. And hearing the joke, "Wow, I don't think I even know what your voice sounds like. You never talk!"

6. Having people ask you to speak up because they can't hear you

7. Or when they ask you to repeat yourself constantly, but then they still can't hear you

8. You just have to pretend like you're having fun even with the awkward small talk 

9. Until you finally break free and escape to the bathroom for a quiet moment

10. When the music gets turned up, you think you're finally off the hook from talking…

11. …but then everyone starts scream-singing along

12. You're left staring at your watch, willing the hours to pass by faster

13. Trying to convince your friends it's time to leave, but they're too busy talking to other people

14. Deciding if you should just call your own Uber instead of trying to coordinate with friends

15. Finally getting home and realizing you're mentally exhausted from trying to talk to people all night

It can be aggravating having to repeat yourself all night or explain why you aren't talking. Sometimes it's not even worth going out when you're a quiet girl, but we try.

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