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6 Hacks to Sleep in as Late as Possible & Still Make it to Class


Sponsored by Office Depot and OfficeMax stores.

It’s a weekday morning and you’re still in bed. After hitting snooze for the fourth time, you check the clock and realize you have to be sitting in your 10 a.m. discussion section in approximately 15 minutes. Oh, and that discussion section is across campus. Whether you went out the night before, stayed up until 4 a.m. studying, or are just plain exhausted, getting out of bed at this moment seems like the last thing you want to do. But instead of disappearing under your duvet, try these tips that’ll help you sleep in as late as possible and still make it to class.

1. Create a daily to-do list

Is anything more stressful than waking up late, scrambling to get ready and attempting to remember everything on your agenda that day? It’s overwhelming to say the least. That’s why we recommend finding a cute notebook — we love the Office Depot Brand Fashion Stellar Notebooks available at Office Depot and OfficeMax stores or online — for writing out all of your major tasks, projects and assignments in advance. Spend 10-15 minutes before bed each night to review the next day’s high-priority items; that way you can set your mind at ease and get extra sleep in the a.m. You can even add a reminder of items to bring to class the next day so you’re uber-prepared. 

2. Prepare your hair

Nobody likes waking up with bedhead, but if you want to save time on a morning shampoo and condition, prepare your locks the night before. Whether that means putting your hair in braids, curlers or straightening it, style your hair so that it can with stand your tossing and turning. Better yet, invest in a silk pillowcase. It will keep your hair healthier while toning down the overnight frizz.

3. Pick out an outfit the night before

We collegiettes can waste tons of time in the morning just deciding what to wear. Check the weather for the next day and lay out your entire outfit, down to the shoes, bra, underwear and jewelry. You can slide right into your clothes in record time without having to think twice — just maybe skip on those ultra-skinny jeans that take five minutes to squeeze into.

4. Pack your bag

This one seems pretty obvious, but often times when pre-packing a backpack — like this adorable HIGH SIERRA one, available at Office Depot and OfficeMax stores or online — there are always a few things you might forget. Run through your schedule the night before, making sure you have all of your home work, gadgets and pens in there. There’s nothing worse than getting to class and realizing you forgot to print out the worksheet.

5. Eat breakfast on the go

Although tons of college students tend to skip out on this “most important meal of the day,” keep your stomach from rumbling in chem lab and pack a granola bar, bag of nuts or to-go cereal in your bag to munch on while you walk to class. If you can’t function without your morning caffeine fix, buy to-go cups and hit start while you’re brushing your teeth so your cup of fuel will be ready for you to sprint out the door.

6. Get to class quickly


Tons of campuses have sneaky routes and shortcuts that will shave minutes off of your trip to class. Explore some different paths to class before deciding which one is the quickest — even if it does mean cutting behind fraternity dumpsters. Throw in a pair of headphones, like the JLab JBuds Metal Earbuds from Office Depot and OfficeMax stores or online, and let your favorite podcast keep you company on your walk.

No matter if you’re looking for a later wake-up time or additional beauty rest, these hacks from Office Depot and OfficeMax stores will help you rest easy. Sweet dreams, collegiettes!

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