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15 Anxieties We All Have at the Start of a New Semester


No matter if you’re a freshman in college, or you’re beginning your senior year, it seems that certain anxieties are just unshakeable at the start of each semester. Where will you sit on the first day of class? Why can’t you understand what your professor is saying? How do you ALREADY have three chapters of reading due next week? Here are 15 new semester anxieties that have plagued the minds of each and every one of us at some point or another.

1. Checking your roster 400 times to make sure you're going to the right classroom

Because even if you've been in this building a billion times, you never know if they magically rearranged it while you were on break...

2. Awkwardly searching the room for the perfect seat not too close to the front, but also not too far from the back

*Avoids eye contact* "Excuse me, uh, sorry, uh, can I just, ummmm, squeeze by you real quick?"

3. Worrying that (even though you JUST quadruple-checked) somehow you still ended up in the wrong room & *gulp* you're about to sit through the completely wrong class

"Oh my god. I'm in the wrong place. This isn't my class. This. TOTALLY. Isn't. My. Class. Everyone's looking at me. This is it. This is the end. Goodbye world." 

4. Oh no, not the dreaded ice-breakers!!

Please, professor, I would MUCH rather sit in silence, do my work and leave. Is that really too much to ask for?!

5. Did the professor just mention group projects...?

BRB, time to go drop the class.

6. Spending your life savings on "mandatory" textbooks you'll probably use one time

Well... there goes ten gazillion dollars you'll never see again.

7. Preparing for class & STILL having no idea what your professor is talking about...

"It's two weeks into the semester and I'm already behind. Is it too late to drop out of college and become a housewife?" (Kidding.)

8. Thinking about your full-time course load, your part-time job and your internship combined, and wondering if you'll ever have free time again.

Days off are actually a thing!? I thought those were a myth!

9. Contemplating if you picked the right major...

Because is there even a job for [INSERT ANY & EVERY MAJOR THAT EXISTS]???

10. On that note, contemplating every single life choice you've made up to this point

Is it too late to just, you know, give up?

11. Needing an adult's help, then realizing that you're supposed to be one of those now?

"But I'm just a child!!!" says the 20-year-old collegiette with her own apartment, job and car.

12. Realizing that you will inevitably become the broke college student you worked all summer to avoid becoming

Ten years from now, it won't matter that you were cold, broke and hungry...right?

13. Accepting that it will probably––actually, most definitely be a long time before you have an amazing, home-cooked meal again

Ramen counts as a vegetable, right?

14. Stressing that every single one of your classmates probably has his or her life a lot more together than you do

What happened to we're all in this together!?

15. Because, WTF are you even doing with your life anyway?

"This semester I will abosulely get my life together!" You tell yourself... every semester.

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