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10 Clever Tattoos For The Intellectual Girl


Tattoos are an exceptional way to make your body into an even more beautiful work of art (because, girl, you’re already fine art). They are an easy way for you to show off what you know and love, whether that’s a corgi or a taco; however, every intellectual girl can find a way to make even the simplest tattoos meaningful. Every intellectual girl is different which is why you deserve a variety of brilliant tattoo designs to choose from before you decide to head down to your local tattoo shop.

While tattoos like dreamcatchers and anchors might be perfect for some girls, others also want to pay homage to their knowledge. Thankfully, we’ve cultivated some unique tattoo ideas for every type of intellectual girl, so you don’t have to worry about getting a generic DNA strand imprinted across your ankle (unless you want one, of course).

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1. An awesome tribute to your favorite composer

Like this Tumblr user who got the notes from Fur Elise by Beethoven tattooed on her thigh, any musically-inclined intellect should consider getting their favorite stanza somewhere on their body. After all, reading music takes years of patience, practice and skill, and you probably already have a chord in mind from your favorite song. You know, the one that made you realize that music is just more than pretty noise — it’s powerful.

The only con to getting a musical tattoo is that you might end up with that symphony stuck in your head, so you might want to take some time and really think about what song you wouldn't minded getting permanently stuck in your head.

2. A portrait of your role model

There’s nothing more flattering than getting a portrait of someone you admire on your shoulder, even if that person is an archaeologist who died in 1875. Plus it’s an awesome conversation starter. While most people might get annoyed after the eighth time someone asks them, “Is that your grandma on your arm?” you welcome their curiosity. After all, if you’re passionate about their revolutionary mind, you’ll probably love talking about your role model and teach others and him/her.

3. Get some ink with a double meaning

After all, clever girls are all about getting the most out of their ink. While most tattoos have more than one meaning (beyond, it’s pretty and cool), it’s time to use your noodle to combine your love for chemistry and cats.

If cats aren't your thing, you could always get a lit AF tattoo of a white wine molecule. How else will anyone know that you aced organic chemistry and you’re the world’s best, albeit unofficial, wine aficionado? We’re sure you’ll be able to come up with your own “corky” idea to combine a few of your interests into one classy tattoo.

4. A quote from your role model

While a portrait of your favorite artist or ecologist might be a bit lavish for your particular taste, you can opt to get a meaningful quote from a person that you look up to. Zoe Strickland, a senior at Western Oregon University, says, “I have a tattoo that says ‘Remember at any given moment there are a thousand things you can love,’ which is from The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan. I think it's an important sentiment to remember and David Levithan is one of my favorite writers, and for a long time I viewed him as a career idol.”

Quotes from the person who is essential your career goals is a remarkable way to remind yourself to push yourself and be the boss chick you deserve to be.

5. Your favorite specimen

Whether you’re a medical student, or simply have a healthy (some might say unhealthy, but whatever) obsession with anything related to nature, you should show it off with a tattoo. Personally, I have a couple of my favorite beetles tattooed across my back. No, not The Beatles. Although you might not have a passion for entomology, getting a tattoo that represents your passion is a reminder that will never go out of style.

6. Quotes from your favorite production

While quotes from a specific role model might not be your ideal tattoo, you can easily find a quote that has meaning and pays tribute to an outstanding production or person.

Kayleen Parra-Padron, a senior at Florida International University, explains that while she doesn't brag about her knowledge, she still loves a tattoo that represents herself. “I’m the observant type, and I'm DYING to get ‘Talk less, smile more’ from the musical Hamilton tattooed somewhere on my wrist or behind my neck,” she says. While you could get a quote from your favorite musical that also speaks miles to you, it's important that you pick a quote that you'd be proud to showcase on your skin.

7 . Add some comedy to your skin

We get it, humor and intellect aren't typically synonymous; however, every intellectual girl should be able to poke fun at something (even if that something is themselves). Being a tattoo addict, I also have a tattoo on my knee that says, "bad to the bone joint," on knee to declare to world that I have arthritis find some humor in my disability. Although many people try to cover up their scars with tattoos, any intellectual girls knows that she should celebrate every inch of her body — scars in all. 

It’s up to you whether you want to get a funny paleontology joke tattoos on your hip or you want to make art out of what others might consider a “flaw.”

8. Show your allies some support

Even if you’re heterosexual, any clever gal understands that every type of love and individual needs to be celebrated and supported. Even if you don't want to ink your body with the infamous LGBTQ+ rainbow, there are hundreds of clever designs that will allow you to ink a reminder than love wins.

9. Pay homage to your roots

If you’re passionate about a part of the world you were born it, why not show some pride by getting a tattoo that represents the country or state you grew up in? Although you could get a state bird or flower on your ankle, you could also be an archaeology buff who wants to pay tribute to some of your more distant ancestors, like in the form of the infamous evolution diagram. 

10. A feminist tattoo

Who wouldn't want to represent feminism literally on their sleeve? We get it, not everyone is a feminist, but getting a tattoo that supports a movement or cause that you adamantly believe in says a lot more than a pink pussy hat or any t-shirt.

Zoe explains that she wants to continue getting inked: “I also really want to get a feminist tattoo; to me there's nothing more strong and intelligent than physically proclaiming your stance on something. I'm not sure what I want to get though.”

Regardless of which tattoo design—no matter how tiny—you think is perfect for you, it’s vital that you weigh all of the pros and cons of getting a tattoo. Even if you’re absolutely certain that you want some sort of tattoo, it’s always smart to experiment with custom temporary tattoos to make sure that tattoo is really right for you.

After all, what intellectual girl doesn't plan ahead?

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