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16 Reasons Why We All Want Friends Like The Bold Type's Jane, Kat & Sutton


Finding best friends is a journey. From middle school to high school to college, we all want the ultimate squad that inspires us, makes us laugh and pushes us to be stronger. While The Bold Type is giving us major lust for NYC living, it's also serious friendship goals. These are 16 reasons why we wish we had lifelong besties like Jane, Kat and Sutton. 

1. Because good friends help you distinguish between jealousy and inspiration

Inspiration, always.

2. We always want a second point of view

The truth comes out in that closet. 

3. We want friends who are driven

Just like Sutton. You go, girl!

4. Good friends are professional but not afraid to have fun

Screaming in the subway? This trio is goals.

5. The best friends disagree but still support each other

No matter what, even if you disagree with all of their life choices. 

6. We all want pals who will do anything for us

Like pulling a Yoni egg from your vagina or trying weird sex positions with you, of course. 

7. Because Kat, Sutton and Jane build each other up

Instead of tearing each other down. 

8. Good friends root for each other

Even in the competitive world of the magazine industry.

9. Friends are there to comfort each other

And say you're not an idiot.

10. Quality friends have quality time together

Like watching porn together. No matter how busy they are.

11. Because best friends don't accept failure

They push themselves and their homies to succeed.

12. BFFs spread kindness

Take a cue from Kat.

13. Motivated friends make great friends

The Bold Type with a capital BOLD.

14. They own their sexuality

15. And accept each other 

No matter who they love.

16. Because not only do strong friends stand up for themselves

But they also stand up for each other.

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