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13 Signs You're the Extra One of Your Friend Group


Extra? Who, ME?! Yep, you're extra AF if these 13 signs sound just like you.

1. You've never been underdressed for any event. Ever. In your life. 

Athleisure for class? Over your dead body. 

2. Your Instagram aesthetic is expertly curated. 

Unless, it's like gourmet cookie dough or an especially sensual slice of pizza. Soft smiles or candids only. 

3. You loooooove Snapchat filters. 

Bored in bed? Dog selfie. Bored at work? Flower crown selfie. Procrastinating in the library? Butterfly selfie.

4. Your Snapchat stories always last at least a minute. 

Whenever people complain about how long your story is…but still watched the whole thing.

5. Double texting is one of your strengths. 

You could type one boring paragraph or send a bunch of frantic, incomplete sentences, each with the confetti effect. 

6. You relate to Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec more than you'd like to admit. 

This is something you've probably thought about before. 

7. And in his honor, you "treat yo self" once a week.

You know what? You guys are right! I definitely deserve that new eyeshadow palette AND a Lush bath bomb! 

8. If your eyebrows and nails aren't perfect, your day is ruined. 

You don't watch all those Instagram videos of eyebrow threading and nail tutorials for yours to look busted, okay?

9. You overcommit to theme parties and costumes at Halloween. 

While other people may wear black jeans, a black T-shirt and devil horns, you're rocking a red leather jumpsuit complete with a cape. 

10. You're fully prepared to treat your baby the same way DJ Khaled treats Asahd. 

Even if you don't drop an album, you'll probably still recreate this photo shoot. 

11. You're weirdly competitive about the pettiest things. 

Letting someone win? What even IS that?

12. Your school supplies, laptop stickers and room decor are color-coordinated and super cute.

You just took a deep breath, didn't you?

13. You're never going to change. 

Sorry, not sorry. 

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