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7 Outfits You Should Really Copy for Your Next Barre Class


Cardio Barre is the latest workout trend that combines barre work and weights to burn the fat from your body. The unique work out routine originated in Los Angeles, quickly hooking famous celebrities like Zooey Deschanel. If you haven't already tried Barre, it's definitely a must! Below we've put together a list of some of the cutest barre outfits for some serious motivation.

1. Stronger Than Marble


Good morning @bethanymoore

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I mean... everything about this outfit is so on point. Perfectly movable fabric for working the barre.

2. Subtle Prints For a Not So Subtle Work Out

You can never go wrong with pairing a simple tank with a pair of printed yoga pants, great for the flexibility practiced in barre.

3. Dancing Queen

If you really want to get into the mindset of a dancer, go with the all black option. 

4. Be Electric


Day 5 of #BalancedTherapy is #birdofparadisepose Day 1 Tree pose Day 2 Flamingo pose Day 3 Warrior 3 Day 5 Standing hand to big toe Day 5 Bird of paradise Day 6 Standing split Day 7 Half moon Day 8 Sugar cane Day 9 Side plank Day 10 Toe stand Day 11 Dancer pose Day 12 Yogi choice Hosts: @LaurenScolari @YogaMom.Journey @InversionJunkie @MermaidsDoYoga Sponsors: @re3life @TepuyActiveWear @GoMacro @aloetteofC3 @LotusAndMoonTribe @Mala_Mania . #yogis #yogatribe #yogaworkout #fitfam #fitspo #yogabasics #simpleyoga #focus #asana #crazysexyyoga #yoga101 #ashtanga #benddontbreak #ibendsoidontbreak #Iyengar #yogaprogress #fit #asana #yogabasics #makingshapes #augustyogachallenge #standingpose #birdofparadise

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Get yourself in the workout mood by dressing in neon bright colors.

5. Motivational Tanks



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Nothing to give you that extra push to work out than by wearing motivational mantras!

6. Beach Bum


Let's sculpt those thighs!!! I've got Part 1 of this two part barre inspired thigh scorcher comin' your way Give it a go or save it for later! ... Now babes, don't get lulled by the tranquil beachy surroundings into thinking this is some easy breezy workout with fluffy kittens scampering around you I KID YOU NOT your quads will be screaming within 1 round of this circuit Your legs may shake like crazy, and that is perfectly normal (as normal as your legs turning to noodles before your very eyes can be, at least ) ... You can perform these "chair" moves outside using a fence, the back of a bench, or some other railing. For you babes at home your kitchen sink is often the perfect height! ... While not shown, this circuit starts with 45 seconds of plyometrics to get that heart rate and muscles fired up before performing controlled micro movements in chair. Squat jumps, burpees, exploding lunges, and high knees are all great options. Anything that uses those leggies, gets you sweating and slightly out of breath is perfect ... I recommend performing this to a song with a strong beat. This will distract from the pain (sorry not sorry!!) and also help with counts and tempo. Sequence is listed below, but please check the comment for detailed form tips Happy sculpting my loves!!!! #hbsculptthighs ----------------- Perform 3 rounds Allow 30s rest between rounds. This is a great time to take a standing quad stretch! ***If you happen to be feeling extra masochistic , try squeezing a yoga block, cushion, or kiddie ball between your thighs, just above your knees. This will help target those inner thighs as well*** ----- jump squats (or other plyo move) 45s chair sequence: SLOWLY lower 2 inches down and up (8x) lower 1 inch down 1 inch up, (12x) tiny pulses w/ right heel lifted (15x) switch heels and repeat (not shown) (15x) alternating heels (20x) left heel + right = 2x lift both heels and pulse (20x) if both heels lifting feels too advanced, keep them lowered for this move and the next chair curls (10x)

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At the end of the day, working out in whatever makes you feel comfortable is what's important.

7. Even Denim Shorts Are Okay!

Seriously though, if you feel like working out just work out.. no special workout outfit neccessary.

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