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What Type of Sheet Mask You Should Use, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Skincare junkies everywhere are now starting to embrace the wonderful world of sheet masks. Whatever your skin type is, you can bet that there's a mask out there for you, but sometimes the vast selection to choose from can be overwhelming. I'm here to help you eliminate the pressure and figure out just exactly what sheet mask the stars have lined up for your skin today! 

Aquarius: Foil Sheet Mask

As an Aquarius, you love all things new, innovative and futuristic. A foil mask will have you feeling like a real Girl of the 21st Century. Your skin will love how well the mask retains its moisture, even after you've had it on for a while. 

Pisces: MicroFiber Sheet Mask

You're a dreamer, Pisces, and whatever problems your skin decides to dream up for you this week, you can be sure to find a solution with the thousands upon thousands of options microfiber sheet masks have to offer. So go forth, and dedicate yourself to trying as many of these as you can get your hands on!

Aries: Bubble Mask


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Aries, your bright and bubbly personality makes you a perfect fit for a spa night with a bubble mask! You're always on go-mode, but every now and then you should take a breather and treat your skin as kindly as you treat everyone else.

Taurus: Lace Sheet Mask

You enjoy the luxurious side of things, Taurus, and that's okay! Feel like a true skincare Queen with a lace mask fit for royalty.  

Gemini: Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask

As a Gemini, you exude #positivevibesonly. Bio cellulose masks are made 100% from good bacteria, so your skin is getting all the love it needs. 

Cancer: Fruit Sheet Mask

You have a wonderfully odd sense of humor, Cancer, and I promise you'll get a hearty chuckle out of transforming yourself into Watermelon Girl. This is truly one to share with all your Snapchat friends!

Leo: Animal Sheet Mask

Embrace your creative qualities, Leo, with a wildly adorable animal mask. With so many different animals to choose from, the possibilities for discovery (and selfie-taking) are absolutely endless. 

Virgo: DIY Sheet Mask


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As a Virgo, you value the act of creation and enjoy working on things yourself. An assemble-yourself sheet mask lets you revel in the process, and lets you control the level of moisture your skin will be getting. 

Libra: Charcoal Sheet Mask

As a seeker of balance and harmony, you'll love getting zen with a detoxifying charcoal sheet mask. As you tend to prefer naturalness over glam, this type of mask will help keep your beautiful skin calm and clear for those days you don't feel like putting on makeup! 

Scorpio: Knit Mask

My Scorpio girls and I can attest to just how deeply we feel everything. We tend to be more on the emotional side, but we welcome our sensitivity! Knit masks were basically made for us; these bad boys cover your whole face AND neck, and their knitted texture ensures that all that moisturizing goodness penetrates deep into the skin. 

Sagittarius: Slice Mask 

You adore trying new things and being on the up-and-up of what's going on. These new "slice" masks are totally on trend, and are a perfect match for your curious nature! 

Capricorn: Hydrogel Sheet Masks 

You're a practical one, Capricorn, and it only makes logical sense to use a sheet mask that packs a serious punch without the hassle of trying to keep it from peeling off your face. 



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