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4 Ways to Stay in Touch With Your Orientation Friends


Orientation is overwhelming and exciting at the same time.  You’re meeting so many people and learning so much that you may find your head spinning by the end of it.  Making friends at orientation is a great way to feel comfortable and make the most of what you’re doing, but how do you keep in touch with them afterwards?

Luckily, we have some tips to avoid losing contact with your awesome new friends!

1. Friend each other on Facebook

It sounds clichéd, but adding your orientation friends on Facebook allows you to keep in contact with them better than just texting. You can see if you have classes together through messaging, make plans to meet up or simply know what’s going on in each other’s lives. 

Adrian Thompson, a senior at the University of Iowa, became Facebook friends with a girl she got along with at orientation and managed to stay in touch with.  “When school started I messaged her and asked her what classes she was taking,” she says. “Turned out that she had three of the same gen ed classes as me!” They sat together on the first day of class and became great friends.

2. Make lunch plans

During your first few weeks of classes, you may not have a clue whom to get lunch with.  If you schedule a lunch date with someone you met at orientation, you’ll feel a lot better.  The two (or more) of you will be able to meet up and talk about your dorms, classes and weekend plans. 

Having lunch will open many doors for hanging out in the future. “Getting lunch with people you meet at orientation is a great way to stay in touch,” says Allison Zeppuhar, a sophomore at James Madison University. “I still occasionally grab lunch or dinner with some of the kids I met.”

Bonus: If each of you brings another friend, you can ease your way into conversation and it won’t be as awkward or intimidating.

3. Go out together

Going out together is a fun way to bond and learn more about each other.  Find out what your friend is into and plan your activity accordingly. You can get dinner off campus, go to a movie or go to a party together.

“I went to a party with a girl I met during orientation, and we had such a good time,” says Brooke Pearson, a sophomore at James Madison University. “We were able to really let loose and get to know each other more.  She is currently my best friend and roommate!”

Round up a group of people you got along well with during orientation through a group text, and see what the night brings!  You never know who could end up being a great friend.

4. Become workout buddies

If someone you meet at orientation isn’t in your dorm or your classes, a good way to stay in touch is by going to the gym together.  The gym is a central place where anyone can meet, and you’ll be able to catch up every time you go together. Having a workout buddy also gives you motivation to stay healthy, so you’ll be more likely to go on a regular basis (no thank you, freshman 15!).  If your fitness buddy is into the same type of workouts as you, it will be even easier to plan times to go together and bond; try meeting up for a group fitness class you both enjoy. Working out together will help you build a friendship you can take places other than the gym!

Staying in touch with your orientation friends will make transitioning to college a lot easier. If you put in the effort, you won’t lose contact with the people you met.  Good luck, collegiettes!

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