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16 Weird Things We All Did in Middle School


There's probably a reason why people don't want to go back to their middle school days. Though we might have some positive memories from middle school, many things about middle school were just awkward. Here are 16 weird things you did in middle school, though you'd probably rather forget them. 

1. Wore brand names all over your clothes

You just had to make sure people knew where you bought all of your clothes. 

2. Embraced the scene kid trend

You wanted to be different and unique, so you followed another popular trend. 

3. Piled rubber bands and bracelets on your wrists

Why wear one bracelet when you could wear 20 rubber bands on your arm instead?

4. Posted every feeling you had on social media

Nowadays, everyone on Instagram needs to know what food you ate. In middle school, everyone on Facebook and Myspace had to know when you were bored or sad or stressed or happy. 

5. Viewed other girls as competition

Thank goodness you got over that! Girls have to stick together.

6. Strived to be popular

You wanted to be one of the "cool" girls—whatever that meant. 

7. Had your friend ask your crush how they felt about you

Because you couldn't possibly face them yourself!

8. Posted webcam selfies and edited them on Picnik

You had to place emotional song lyrics over your blurry webcam selfie because no one understood you. 

9. Listened to angsty pop punk music on repeat

Ugh, your crush didn't like you back, you didn't fit in and your purple hair dye was fading. You needed some angsty songs to relate to. 

10. Had ~edgy~ side bangs

11. Used too many texting acronyms 

Omg, gtg, brb, ily, ttyl—the list goes on.

12. Sat at the same lunch table every day

And judged other people based on where they sat. 

13. Thought you understood how to apply makeup

You thought your thick eyeliner and blue eyeshadow were so stylish and grown up. 

14. Crafted the perfect Myspace page

You had to have the perfect background and song, along with an animated cursor. 

15. Acted overly competitive in gym class (or made many hopeless attempts to get out of gym class)

Does anyone miss middle school gym class? No? Didn't think so. 

16. Thought high schoolers and college students were so mature and cool


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