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5 Ways to Clean Your Makeup Brushes


Our makeup brushes are notorious for collecting bacteria and then transferring that bacteria straight to our face––can you say breakouts?! It’s recommended that most brushes receive some type of cleaning after you use them, but how is anyone supposed to do that between classes, work and having a social life? Yeah, no. Ideally, makeup brushes should be rejuvinated once a week, but I'm applauding you if you do it even every two weeks. When you do find the time, here are five ways to clean your brushes. 

1. The tried and true method

This method is age old, and I’ve been doing it since I learned I was supposed to wash my brushes (so like two years ago). It’s super easy, and you only need two household items: canola/coconut oil and dish soap. The recipe is two parts oil to one part dish soap, and the oil will break down the product and whatever’s stuck to the bristles of the brush, while the dish soap magically washes it away. Swish your brushes around in that mixture, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry overnight!

2. Beauty blender and a microwave

This is similar to the tried and true method, but for beauty blenders! According to Allure, twitter user @2chiinzzz uses dish soap and then cooks her beauty blender in the microwave.

Everyone is jumping on board with this handy idea.

3. The StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Drier

This device is so crazy, I’ve never seen anything like it! 

Basically, you fill up a bowl with brush cleanser or soap and water, choose which silicone collar fits your brush, then use the wand while whisking your brush around in the bowl until all the product and grime comes off. Once it’s clean, bring the wand up above the water line and the wand will whisk bristles around so fast that the brush is dry in seconds. SECONDS! Check out this video to see the literal magic.

4. Brush cleaning mat and soap

This method is super simple. All you need is a makeup brush cleaning mat like this one from Amazon and some soap! Swirl it around, get them all clean,and let dry!

5. Brush cleansing balm

I'm super excited about this one and want to try it ASAP. All you do is wet your brush, wipe it in the balm (this balm from CVS is only $7) and rinse. Beauty extraordinaire Manny MUA even has a super cool trick for drying the brushes after. Check it out!

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