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5 Decadent Dorm Desserts You'll Be Obsessed With This Year


Eating in the dorms can be tough. You have to learn how to live without a fully stocked kitchen, and how to squeeze just a few snacks into your tiny shared room. Instead of running out to the chocolate shop or to McDonald's for a McFlurry whenever you're craving something sweet, have these five decadent desserts stocked in your dorm for a more convenient, drool-worthy option!

1. AWAKE Caffeinated Chocolate

It takes a lot of caffeine to get through the semester, but sometimes coffee or energy drinks just aren't what we're in the mood for. Next time you're in need of a little pick-me-up while craving something sweet, pick up an AWAKE bar! These delicious bars have the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee or a 250 mL energy drink while still tasting great, so no more last minute Starbucks runs necessary. 

2. Justin's Snack Packs

Justin's has brought us delicious (and healthy) almond butter and peanut butter before which are staple items for any dorm, but they're stepping up the game with these easy snack packs! Stock up on some pretzels paired with chocolate hazelnut butter or a variety of other flavors for the perfect late night snack. They also have peanut butter cups, which you're clearly going to need to go buy ASAP.

3. Cookie Dough from The Cookie Dough Cafe

When you don't have your own kitchen to whip up some freshly baked cookies, life is such a struggle. If you're having some serious chocolate chip withdrawals, look no further than The Cookie Dough Cafe! Order some of their safe-to-eat cookie dough to store in your mini fridge for whenever you're in the need for a quick bite of the best thing ever created (aka cookie dough). 

4. Chocolate Almond Laceys from Trader Joe's

These thin pieces of toffee sandwiching a layer of decadent chocolate will surely satisfy any craving. Plus, they have almonds in them, so they're healthy, RIGHT?? Either way, they are worth the indulgence. 

5. 479 Degrees Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn

Sometimes you just want a convenient little snack to eat while you flip through your textbook in bed (or watch Netflix, not judging!), and this sea salt caramel popcorn from 479 Degrees is exactly what you'll need! The best part is that they air-pop the whole grain kernels, so it tastes delicious. 

Having a few decadent desserts ready to snack on in your dorm is so essential, and you won't regret having these items stocked and ready to eat! A healthy lifestyle isn't complete without a little sugary snack. 

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