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15 Things Only People Who Seriously Identify With Their Zodiac Signs Understand


If you're seriously dedicated to your zodiac sign, this one's for you. Perhaps you're a Virgo or a Leo. Regardless, you measure up to basically every quality and horoscope prediction you've read online. You feel like it's an important part of who you are, whether or not there's actually any truth behind it. If you're committed to your sign, then you'll definitely understand these 15 things. 

1. You always bring up your zodiac sign when you talk about yourself 

Especially if you're a Leo. 

2. You know what traits set you apart from other signs 

Taurus ladies are strong, independent women who don't need men! 

3. You know which signs you’re most compatible with 

I'm a Libra; you're a Capricorn. Basically, we're soul mates. 

4. You regularly take zodiac personality quizzes   

There's no greater achievement than taking a quiz to find out what dog you would be, based on your sign.

5. You feel an odd sense of superiority over others for identifying with your sign 

I read my horoscope every morning, and I'm in tune with my sign's energy. Get on my level. 

6. You feel bad for the people who don’t relate to their sign or understand why you care about yours

Maybe one day you'll understand why you need to find that balance, lost Libra. 

7. You get annoyed with people who say that zodiac signs and horoscopes are all fake  

You don't need that kind of negative energy in your life.

8. You look forward to reading your horoscope in magazines and try to convince others to do the same

How else will you know whether or not to avoid going out on the 14th when Jupiter is aligned with Mars?! 

9. And you get genuinely paranoid when your horoscope for the month isn’t a good one 

You can't be too careful, especially when you read that this month will be bad for "money and friendships." 

10. You feel slightly betrayed when your horoscope doesn’t measure up to what it said it would be

I was supposed to meet an attractive businessman during a full moon and fall in love. What gives? 

11. You’re always amazed by how much your personality matches your sign 

It can't just be a coincidence when a Virgo is incredibly organized or a Scorpio is holding a grudge. 

12. You want to buy anything that has your zodiac sign on it  

A $200 rose gold Aries necklace that you saw on Pinterest once? Gotta have it.

13. You read things about your sign in order to understand more about yourself 

Self-discovery is basically all about finding out what traits make a Cancer a better employee in the workplace. 

14. You may or may not use it as a way to make decisions 

It's always important to ask yourself whether or not that new job is really the best choice for a Pisces. 

15. You feel proud when you discover certain celebrities or fictional characters share your sign 

At the end of the day, your zodiac sign is part of who you are and you're damn proud of it. 

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