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16 'Meninist' Tweets That'll Make Your Eyes Roll Out of Your Head


On a scale from “are you kidding” to “GTFO,” where do you think “meninists” fall? It’s hard to place this alarming breed of men activists, trollers and feminism bashers into any category other than “utterly awful.” But just when you think you’ve seen them at their worst, they decide to unleash more word vomit that makes you just want to…well, vomit. Here are some tweets that’ll make you want to scream and cry “NO” from the bottom of your soul.

1. This guy who implies that you need cosmetic products and muscle mass to look and feel your best

2. This human gem who is clearly so uncomfortable with his sexuality that he has to defend his love of men over women with this disclaimer

3. This oracle of wisdom who insists only women cheat…and remember song lyrics

4. This fine young man who cares more about getting into clubs free of charge than actual equality

5. This pour soul who thinks she's better than a feminist because she chooses to serve meat between two slices of bread 

6. This smart cookie who believes sperm creates humans—not the bodies that carry them for nearly a year and push them out into the world

7. This poetic creature who has some serious questions for the universe

8. This space cadet who just doesn't get the gravity of the situation

9. This woman who just makes you want to finger-snap-scream "GIRL, PLEASE"

10. This man who was clearly raised by wolves—and clearly none of the female variety

11. This guy who embodies his Twitter name, being that he's a total knucklehead 

12. Apparently making your own decisions about your body isn't empowering?

13. This cry baby who apparently can't fathom the prospect of women showing skin he can't touch

14. This bachelor who would clearly win the hearts of women everywhere

15. This salty SOB who probably has a higher phone bill than level of emotional insight

16. This beacon of light and utter immaturity

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