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18 Embarrassing Moments Only True Best Friends Have Shared


When you have a best friend, it's like being on a different planet with just one other person. You guys have your own language, and you convey exactly what you're thinking with just a look. Your best friend is the person that you text immediately when something embarrassing happens to you (if she's not there with you). If you are really best friends, you've definitely shared these embarrassing moments. 

1. Your first bikini wax

2. Your ugly Snapchats​

3. Every time you trip in public

Act casual.

4. When you get drunk and decide you can dance and sing

5. When your crazy uncle posts on her Facebook wall 

6. When you get your period in public and don't have a tampon 

She'll be there for you.

7. When the cute barista tells you to enjoy your coffee and you say, "You too"

8. When you have food in your teeth and she's the only one who tells you

9. When your skirt is stuck in your undies 

10. When your crush says "hey" and you respond with "Good, thanks"

11. When you make a typo in the group chat and she makes it into a meme 

12. The terrible photos of you as a child that she has saved on her phone

Plz spare me.

13. When she brings up your regrettable crushes/hookups

14. When you roll up to work hungover and she mocks you mercilessly

15. That time you got too drunk and she had to hold your hair

I wish I could say it only happened once.

16. When you have to pee SO bad and she keeps making you laugh on purpose

Until you pee your pants.

17. That time you ripped your pants after eating too much sushi

And she was SO helpful and considerate.

18. When you go out for dinner in matching outfits on accident

It has to be documented on Insta immediately.

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