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6 Steps for Totally Removing Period Stains


Girls, we've all experienced that feeling. You know the one I’m talking about. The one where you wake up and just know you’re sheets, pants and panties are ruined, or just the thousands of times you realize your underwear is probably a goner. It’s totally lame, but never fear because these six ways to get period stains out won’t let you down.

1. Never try to rub the stain out

Rubbing a stain does the opposite of getting it out, it rubs it in. Promise me and the gods of stain removal that you will not rub!

2. Act immediately

If you can act immediately, get the stained items in the washer. It’s amazing how well blood stains come out just from being washed immediately. When you wash, try to use some sort of really tough remover. Teen VoguerecommendsCarbona Stain Devils #4 ($4). Remember to wash on cold water too, because hot water can cause stains to set.

3. Try a little hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is great for treating whites with stains. The peroxide will lift the stain right out of the fabric.

4. Bleach is a great backup 

If hydrogen peroxide doesn’t work, you can also use bleach for the white fabrics. Soak items in a mix of one part bleach to six parts water, but be very careful because bleach takes the color out of clothes!

 5. Use salt for colors 

For colored items, it's best to try rubbing a salt water mix on the stain. You can literally use the salt from your kitchen! Mix one part salt and two parts cold water, then say goodbye to that unpleasant panty surprise.

6. Decide if it's okay to put the item in the dryer

After washing, check out your panties/sheets/pants before putting them in the dryer. If they look good, throw them in! If they need another wash or two, let them hang dry because the heat from the dryer may also set the stain.

Period stains can sometimes be tough to tackle, so don't worry if it doesn't come out on the first try. Hopefully you won't have to deal with this issue too often, but when you do, at least now you know how to live stain free!

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