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17 Times We Wanted to Hug Jon Snow


We don’t know about you, but after Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones, we just wanted to hug Jon Snow and never let him go. All of that time at the Wall has made him cold and icy, and we think a hug would melt him down into the puddle of mush he's meant to be. 

(Spoilers ahead!)

1. When he had to cut his beautiful locks.

It's okay; we would be upset, too. 

2. When he kissed Bran on the head before leaving him.

Even though Catelyn totally hated him. 

3. When he gave Arya her first sword, Needle.

That’s right, Arya, hug him. We would. 

4. When he said goodbye to his dad... forever.

We all know how that turned out, don't we?

5. When he found out Robb was dead (RIP King in the North and in our Hearts):

6. When he couldn't figure out how to use this phone.

We'll teach you, Jon! 

7. When he played a lonely guitar solo.

8. When Jon and Ghost were besties no matter what.

We bet they cuddle all the time. 

9. When he didn't kill Ygritte.

10. When Ygritte constantly questioned his knowledge.

11. And when she made fun of his... lack of experience.

Jon didn't want to have children because he didn't want them to be illegitimate like him. He's such a sensitive man. LEAVE HIM ALONE.

12. When he was very wrong about this statement.

A few arrows never bothered him, anyway. 

13. When he got called out at a hockey game.

Jon just can't escape his past, you know?

14. Whenever he looked like this.

15. Or this.

16. Or this.

Basically, whenever he looks moody and brooding... which is always.

17. But most recently, when he held Ygritte like this...

Which only made us think of this...

Which in turn only made us want to hug Jon Snow more. At least we know what he's looking for in his next lady.  

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