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17 Thoughts You Have When Guys Mansplain Things to You


Whether you’ve experienced it at school, work or even online, you've probably dealt with being talked down to when a guy tries to explain things to you. Men will mansplain feminism, why men and women aren’t paid the same and what all the themes were in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows—Parts 1 and 2. Not all guys mansplain things, but when they do, here are 17 thoughts that run through your head as you bolt from those annoying conversations.

1. Please don’t start this convo off with "Let me explain"

You don't get an opinion on my body.

2. Why is he speaking so softly?

That's when you know it's coming.

3. What are all the hand motions for?

4. Oh, I guess I’m so slow that I need visuals to follow along

5. Is he picking up pen and paper…to draw a diagram?!

6. He is not going to railroad me and be the conductor of this entire conversation

7. He wants me to let him finish his point…

8. …even though I’m the one that started this whole thing in the first place

9. Let me finish my original thought!

10. Time to stop listening to you because I’m upset that you THINK you’re right!

You're not.

11. Great. This is the part of the conversation where all women get lumped together

12. So apparently, “all females” get attitudes when told something we don’t like

Pretty sure 99.9 percent of the world’s population reacts like that?

13. Wow, he actually stopped talking for the first time in five minutes

It's a miracle.

14. Now, let me get in at least one sentence before he starts up again

15.  Wow, three words are enough to set him off

This should be good.

16. Oh no, don’t go there…

They never know when to quit.

17. You are really gonna tell me what it's like being a woman?

Because you have SO much experience in that department.

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