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The 10 Couples You'll Meet in College


Think you’re prepared for college romance? Until you can spot the most notorious campus couples,think again! Read below for HC’s guide to the top ten duos you’ll get to know in your four years at college.

1. The Couple Who’s Already Booked the Campus Chapel

These “romantics” are engaged or soon-to-be. They lovingly refer to the children they do not have, and they’ve already spent at least one year of major holidays together (including, but not limited to, the Fourth of July). If they seem on a different track than most couples, it’s because they are. Expect them to skip out on fraternity ragers for quiet weekends at (ugh) bed and breakfasts.  But hooray for true love, right guys?

2. The Sorority Sweetheart and the Frat Star

These Greek gods have all the social connections and one or both of them is most likely a chapter president. They’re pretty—like, J.Crew catalog pretty. And while there’s always underlying drama with these two, you’ll never see them miss a big social event!

3. The Activists

Remember way back when Summer got all vegan-y on the last season of The O.C. and started hanging around that Che guy? THEY WERE THIS COUPLE. They always have a cause, and it always involves wearing really similar pants. Find them planting sustainable foods in the campus garden, having sit-ins to stop deforestation in order to build new dorms and, most importantly, biking everywhere.

4. The All-Americans

Imagine if David Beckham and Hope Solo dated...this is the couple with enough athletic scholarship money between them to finance a comfortable suburban home. These two are gifted in the abs department. My one request? Stop working out at the gym together—it just makes everyone else want to give up.

5. The Reality Show Drama Couple

Okay, so maybe they don’t have a reality show, but they break up and get back together enough times to make one happen. Find them at the bar, alternatively slurring insults at each other and furiously making out. Don’t even THINK about trying to get mixed up in this one. Remember what happened when Ronnie tried to hook up with other girls behind Sammi’s back on The Jersey Shore? Yikes.

6. The Power Couple

They’ve got matching ambition and the 4.0’s to prove it. This is the couple who will go from trading notes in the library to trading notes on the Senate floor. If you end up in a class with them, expect that they will dominate—they are each other’s biggest competition. Like the Obamas or the Clintons (though some of these romances work out better than others...).

7. The High School Sweethearts

Every freshman floor has at least one girl pining away for her high school boyfriend. They Skype constantly, and he comes to visit about every other weekend. When they’re together, expect them to hibernate in her dorm—when they’re not, expect her phone to be attached to her hand at all times. This couple often bids their relationship adieu over the notorious Thanksgiving Break (“The Turkey Dump”), but some manage to stick it out for the long haul.

8. The Orientation to Graduation Couple

These crazy kids met the first day of college and have been dating ever since. They were among the few freshmen to pair off right away and are among the even fewer who stay together.  While they may not keep dating after college, they're certainly tagged in an obscene amount of Facebook photos togetherwhile it lasts.

9. The Law Student and the Co-ed

There’s always one sorority girl who finds her frat boy counterparts to be too immature. Enter the older law student/med student/local businessman who’s still into 19-year-olds! While their love isn’t traditional, it is mutually beneficial. You can find them out at nice dinners and swanky bars. Just don’t call him a Sugar Daddy!

10. The Best Dressed Duo

Even if they go to school in the middle of Iowa, they dress like it’s New York Fashion Week every day. They shop together, and they probably both have really good hair, seemingly without trying. Find them around campus looking like they’re posing for a fashion shoot. You will never find them repeating outfits.

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