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35 Tweets That Are So Relatable It's Sad


If you're having a bad day, turn to the genius of Twitter to confirm that you're not the only one. We've found 35 just really good tweets from this month about everything from Spicey to "Despacito" to Rihanna. You're welcome.  

1. Don't remind me

2. Amazon Prime was the best and worst thing to happen to me

3. When an SNL writer is goals

4. lol subtle

5. But that would be SO GOOD

6. 10/10 would hire

7. uhh

8. Paris Hilton is QUEEN

9. The Bold Type 4 life

10. It's so dang hot

11. Shade

12. *eye twitch*

13. Cheers!

14. "There's no need to call me 'ma'am,' professor"

15. I'm done

16. Lol how rude

17. Not everyone's hyped for Shark Week…

18. Wait, this is brilliant

19. I'll take a glass of wine and Netflix over socializing any day of the week

20. I guess?

21. #logic

22. I'm shook

23. Hi, I'm dying

24. Literal post-grad probs rn

25. Forever 21, I'm looking at you

26. I'm preparing for my career as a videographer and taste tester 

27. When the bomb drops

28. Desperate and proud

29. BuzzFeed quizzes are how I get life advice, okay?

30. This is my 2017 mood

31. lol congrats

32. MY JAM

33. wut


34. RIP Vine

35. And of course this iconic tweet

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