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5 Ways to Rock an Ugly Christmas Sweater


In recent years people have decided to stop laughing at ugly Christmas sweaters and start embracing them. It has become a national phenomenon to throw annual parties where friends get together and hope that their sweaters are uglier, tackier and more outrageous than the others. But let’s be honest: nobody actually wants to look ugly in her ugly Christmas sweater. It can seem like quite the challenge to look cute with one of those sweaters, especially the one with the built in battery pack, but never say never. Try these looks to stay festive and avoid total tackiness.  

1. Wear That XXL Sweater as a Dress

Bow: Etsy, $6;

Sweater: Rusty Zipper, $59;

Thigh-high socks: K. Bell, $14

Sometimes you find the perfect ugly Christmas sweater… and it’s 10 sizes too big.  Don’t deny that sweater its chance to give you a super cute Christmas party outfit!  An oversized sweater makes for the perfect Christmas dress. Make sure it’s long enough and you can pair it with some wavy thigh high socks or a simple pair of black opaque tights to complete the look. When visiting your grandma, attending a family party or even a Christmas party with your friends, put your hair half-up with a red ribbon or a red bow and impress everyone.

2. Wear it With a Skirt or Layer it Over a Dress

Sweater: ASOS, $63.52;

Skirt: Guess, $79;

Necklace: Swell, $19.50;

Ponytail holder cuff: Nordstrom, $22

Don’t limit yourself to pairing sweaters with jeans. Dress up your style by layering a sweater over a dress or skirt. A leather pleated skirt or a dress with a pleated skirt gives an ugly sweater some flair and dresses it up for a fancier event. We think pulling your hair back into a sleek ponytail would look perfect with this outfit! And don’t forget accessories to pull it all together.  Add some black suede heels and a great statement necklace for the total transformation!

3. Wear a Cardigan

Sweater: What on Earth, $79.95;

Dress: Topshop, $68;

Boots: MANGO, $79.99;

Necklace: Daily Look, $16.99; 

Tights: Anthropologie, $15

Every party you’ve been invited to seems like the perfect opportunity to wear your LBD… so do it at your ugly Christmas sweater party while simultaneously wearing your favorite ugly sweater. If you have an ugly Christmas sweater cardigan, you’ll be able to show them both off. Black booties and tights can take your outfit to the next level when you are attending your holiday party, but don’t forget to accessorize!

4. Keep it Casual

Jeans: Nordstrom, $48;

Sweater: Amazon, $49.99;

Booties: Charlotte Russe, $40;

Scarf: ModCloth, $24.99

A casual event with your close friends is a great chance to show off your favorite ugly Christmas sweater cardigan. This outfit can be worn at gift exchanges as well as at a classic ugly sweater Christmas party.  Simply find your favorite pair of skinny jeans and boots and top it off with your ugly Christmas cardigan. Accessorize with bangles and layer little gold necklaces for a super cute and comfy look.

5. Make Even More Statements

Sweater: Rusty Zipper, $40;

Shoes: Heels, $59.99;

Jeggings: ASOS, $50.82;

Bag: ModCloth, $74.99

Accessories are a girl’s best friend, and they’re also the key to a perfect outfit for your ugly Christmas sweater party. Try bold colors to accentuate the colors of your ugly Christmas sweater. Red boots and a bold red bag will totally transform your look from tacky to trendy. Curl your hair for some extra class and get ready to make your friends jealous they didn’t think of this first!


Don’t settle for total tackiness. Try our ideas the next time you attend an ugly Christmas sweater party. There’s no reason you can’t win best ugly sweater and best outfit in the same night! Celebrate the holiday season in style and embrace your Christmas sweaters!

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