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What the Disney Princesses Would be Like in College


Disney princesses might not fare so well in college. With dorms instead of elegant castles and rowdy frat boys instead of Prince Charming, it's hard to imagine them enjoying the experience very much. College is the land of textbooks, beer pong, and crazy roommates—not fairy godmothers, magic carpets, and happily ever afters. But if the Disney princesses could tough it out on campus, we think it would be pretty funny. Here's how we imagine Snow White, Cinderella, and the rest of the girls holding up as college students.

Snow White: The Fraternity Sweetheart

“I don't hang out with girls. I just can't handle the drama. I get along with guys soooo much better.” Sound familiar? That's Snow White. She spends most of her time hanging out at a frat house with her seven best guy friends. Unfortunately, all that socializing is taking a toll. She doesn't always have time to study—even though she's a nutrition major, she wound up with food poisoning recently when she bit into a bad apple.

Cinderella: The Girl Next Door

Cindy's roommates never do quite their fair share of the cleaning, so she's usually stuck doing dishes and taking out the trash for everyone. On top of her extra cleaning duties, Cinderella also works hard in school (she's a veterinary science major—she’s always loved animals, like mice!) and juggles a work-study job to cope with those impending student loans. Style isn't her number one priority in her day-to-day life, so she shocked everyone at spring formal when she looked red carpet-worthy sporting a gorgeous dress and flawless hair and makeup. A few too many drinks later, she left the formal with her heels in hand... and dropped one on the way out.

Belle: The Straight-A Student

Belle is a whip smart English major who makes the Dean's List every semester. She can typically be found with her nose buried deep into a book. All of her professors love her (she’s the one who actually goes to office hours every week). Belle used to be uninterested in dating; she kept pushing away guys who hit on her at parties. But then she met her current boyfriend—who could use a shave and a haircut, if we're going to be honest—and now she spends all her free time with him and his pet fish, Lumiere and Cogsworth, in his off-campus apartment.

Ariel: The Girl Who Studied Abroad (and Won’t Shut Up About It)

Ariel is that girl who can't stop talking about how ah-may-zing her study abroad experience was. She's constantly texting that hot guy she met abroad, Eric, and insists the seaweed really is greener over there. Now that Ariel is back from her trip, she declared a music major and sings in an a cappella group on campus. She also loves to max out Daddy's credit card on gadgets and gizmos at the mall and dedicates hours at the gym to work on her tail.

Aurora: The Slacker

Aurora comes from a wealthy family. Her grandfather donated the building that holds all her classes... but Aurora can't help but sleep through all of them. She'll probably declare a communications major, but hasn't gotten around to filling out the paperwork yet. She's constantly curled up in her dark, single dorm room. On the rare occasion that she does roll out of bed and leave her room, she has a feud going with a not-so-nice girl in her sorority, Maleficent. The one thing Aurora has going for her? Long, thick, shiny, blond hair. No wonder Maleficent is jealous!

Mulan: The Feminist

Mulan is a gender and sexuality studies major and is active in a number of feminist groups on campus. She chose not to rush any sororities. Her favorite holiday is Halloween because she loves to dress up in costume—and she pulls them off well, too! But aside from her classes, extracurriculars, and social life,   family is Mulan's number one priority. She grew up not too far from campus and heads home on the weekends to spend time with her parents and grandparents.

Jasmine: The Wild Child

Jasmine is feisty! Back in high school, she used to ditch her helicopter parents and run away from time to time. Now that she's in college, she loves to date boys her parents don't fully approve of, like her current boyfriend, Aladdin. But Jasmine isn't a total bad girl, though—she has a good heart and is simply embracing her new, independent life in college. She’s always wanted to get out of her hometown, so she decided to major in international studies. When she isn't testing the limits of her newfound freedom, she's working on her killer abs at the gym. She loves to flaunt her toned stomach in trendy crop tops.

Pocahontas: The Outdoorsy One

Pocahontas, an environmental studies major, loves to spend time outside. You can usually find her relaxing in a grassy spot on the quad or hiking with a group of friends. She's a vegan, which means the dining hall can be tricky for her. Instead, she whips up creative, veggie-friendly meals in her dorm kitchen. Pocahontas isn't very religious, but she considers herself spiritual and likes to read about topics like reincarnation (if only she could bring back her grandmother!) and meditation.

Rapunzel: The Sorority Sister

As an only child with ultra-protective parents, Rapunzel often felt like she was locked alone in her room throughout high school. So when she got to college, her number one priority was to join a sorority and make lots of friends. When it came time for her sorority to pick a charitable organization, Rapunzel chose Locks of Love. She chopped her long, glamorous hair into a shoulder-length cut and convinced all her sisters to do the same! Rapunzel is a chemistry major; her dream is to create the ultimate migraine medicine. Back when her hair was long, she got killer headaches from all the weight!


Do you recognize any of these princesses on your college campus (aside from Halloween parties, that is)?

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