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4 Perfect Prints to Wear This Summer


There are items in our wardrobes that are definitely appropriate only during the summer months. Of course, we have our rubber flip flops, crop tops and Daisy Dukes, but there’s something else that is kosher only between Memorial Day and Labor Day: nautical-themed animal prints.

These prints are super fun and often flirty, and we love to pull them out for BBQs, lazy beach days and more. Check out some of our all-time favorites!

1. Lobsters

In Boston, we're more likely to call them "lahb-stahs" -- these guys are delicious on your plate, but they also make for some pretty cool prints to rock during the summer months. 

Swimsuit, Wildfox, $138

Scarf, Target, $15

Dress, ModCloth, $60

2. Starfish

If you're lucky, you might find a starfish washed up on the beach. For the rest of us, however, we'll have to settle with starfish on our clothes. 

Top, Wildfox, $48

Earrings, Sperry Top-Sider, $24

Dress, Lilly Pulitzer, $198

3. Crabs

The only foolproof way to avoid being pinched by a crab is to put them in a place they can never reach you: on your outfit. 

Top, ModCloth, $21


Scarf, Thomaspaul, $70

4. Seahorses

Fun fact: male seahorses flirt with females when they decide she's "the one." Maybe "the one" for you will be one of these cute seahorse-printed summer staples!

Dress, ModCloth, $115

Sandals, Lucky Brand, $70

Bikini, LOFT, Top $50, Bottom $45

And there you have it, folks. What other nautical-themed animal prints are you wearing this summer? Let us know and tweet us pics @HerCampus!

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