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9 Fall Sweaters We’re Already Dying to Wear


It may be summer, and the temperatures may or may not have us sweating to death the minute we step outside, but we can’t help but dream of what we’ll be wearing this fall. One of the pieces we’re already dying to wear during fashion’s favorite season this year? Sweaters. Whether chunky or tissue thin, turtlenecks or cardigans, the cozy sweater is one of the many reasons we’re kind of ready to just skip August and dive into September. Check out what we’ll be buying now and wearing later!

1. Tie Back Cardigan ($69 at Nordstrom)

This sweater has all the Elle Woods vibes you’ve been wanting, but takes the coziness factor new levels. 

2. Fleece Knit Dolman Cardigan ($19.90 at Forever 21)

Sweaters have never looked so elegant and effortless—this nude fleece sweater is total proof that sweater doesn’t necessarily have to mean bulky.

3. Rehab Clothing Sweater ($16 at Tobi)

The prepster look is about to get really cool this fall—give this classic V-neck an edge by pairing it with leather leggings and ankle boots.

4. Fuzzy Knit Hooded Sweater ($32.99 at Forever 21)

Part fur jacket and part cardigan, this sweater is basically the most snuggly thing we’ve ever laid eyes on.

5. Ribbed Knit Tunic ($12.90 at Forever 21)

That dress-over-pants trend that’s been everywhere this summer? We plan to keep it going strong into fall this year, starting with this tunic worn over jeans and topped with dainty jewelry.

6. Purl-Knit Sweater ($17.99 at H&M)

If you’re a spring- and summer-loving fashionista at heart, the fall season doesn’t mean your pastels can’t see the light of day for the next six months! This oversized, pale pink sweater is the ultimate anti-fall sweater.  

7. Sweater with Lace Details ($29.99 at H&M)

Want the look of autumn layers without the bulk? This lace-trim sweater will be a must-have this fall. We’re obsessed with the way the delicate detail adds a feminine touch. 

8. Maddie Cutout Cropped Sweater ($49 at Urban Outfitters)

The cut out trend is still going strong, so combine the look with a crop top sweater and you're all set for fall.  

9. Corset Pullover Sweater ($59 at Urban Outfitters)

The corset details at the waist are the perfect touch. It turns a loosely-fitting sweater into a stylish top that hugs your curves. 

What are you most looking forward to about fall fashion, collegiettes?

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