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50 Reasons You Deserve A Summer Vacation


Summer "vacation," for many ambitious collegiettes, is just an excuse to intern or work and, inevitably, to store up some serious stress.  Whether it's a date with the city or a week on a beach, here are 50 reasons why you—yes you, with the unstoppable resume and the less-than-adorable bags under your eyes—deserve a little summer vacation.

1. It's one of your last.

2. You survived finals.

3. You have your whole life to work long hours.

4. The dark circles under your eyes are begging you to sleep.

5. The complete series of Sex and the City is just WAITING to be watched…in full...again...

6. You could use another crazy summer story.

7. Your friends are going!

8. You can catch up on your summer reading.

9. You don't want your piggy bank to overflow and break, so you should probably spend some money on a trip.

10. You’re not going to look cute in a bikini forever!

11. Even your favorite TV shows are taking a summer hiatus.

12. You'll feel stupid returning to campus without a classic summer story.

13. Vitamin D is good for your health.

14. That sundress that's just too short to wear to work needs to make a public appearance before the end of the season.

15. You put up with the loud guys next door all year.

16. You'll come back to your job rejuvenated and ready to work even harder!

17. You could run into a celebrity.

18. Sand exfoliates your skin.

19. You just spent 6 months in a library.

20. Stress is a silent killer.  Or, at the very least, it will lead to wrinkles.

21. You deserve time to cook more than oatmeal for dinner.

22. You need a new picture of your girlfriends to frame, and it's not going to take itself.

23. You'll be able to write witty Facebook statuses about sleeping in and laying by the pool that will make all of your friends jealous.

24, You can't spend a whole summer without working on your beachy glow.

25. You need an excuse to wear your cute sunglasses (or, if you're really cool, that amazing hat you bought and haven't worn).

26. Cheap bus fares and airlines specials don’t let you play the "It's too expensive!" card.

27. You deserve quality time with some people that you love. 

28. Imagine a weekend without your Blackberry or iPhone... in a good way...

29. Your boss is taking one! 

30. Eating lunch outside does not count as sufficiently enjoying the beautiful weather.

31. Renting bikes and walking to the pool burns calories!--you’re taking a vacation for your health!

32. Ice cream. Period.

33. You still have half a bottle of unused sunscreen.

34. Waves crashing—just picture it. 

35. You could enter into a steamy summer romance.

36. You don’t want to feel left out when everyone else is comparing weird flip-flop, sock and sunglasses tans.

37. Your cubicle needs a vacation, too. 

38. Staring at a computer all day is bad for your eyes.

39. Summer movies are the best.

40. Taking a vacation is an excuse to go vacation shopping.

41. “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”-Mark Twain. Try to argue with that.  

42. Bathing suit styles are actually cute this season.

43. Your roommate will love you for giving her the place for the weekend.

44. You might be able to cross an adventure off your Bucket List.

45. A vacation will look good on your resume. (That’s not true, but it got your attention, Ms. Workaholic!)

46. I’m sure that your parents, grandparents, or third cousins twice removed would love a visit, if the five-star Italian villa falls through.

47. Picnics prevent heart disease.  (That’s my theory, at least.)

48. Remember what it felt like to nap?!

49. You know you need a vacation when even your social life has become a job.

50. You’ve always wanted to write an auto-reply “out of the office” email.


And a bonus reason... You deserve it.  And you’ll thank us on Monday!

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