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16 Fights You Still Have With Your Siblings as Adults


Sibling relationships are so complicated. One minute you're best friends and the next you want to rip each others' throats out. Totally normal, right? Even though we've all matured into responsible adults (lol), we still fight with our siblings every time we see them. Here are 16 things you hate to admit you still fight about.

1. Who gets to choose what TV show to watch

No, we can't watch sports when The Bachelor is on. 

2. Where to go for dinner

You don't mess around when it comes to food. 

3. Who gets to ride shotgun in the car

"But I'm the oldest" gets old.

4. Who your parents' favorite child is

It's obviously you.

5. Stealing each other's clothes without asking


6. Tattling on each other

Yes, it still happens.

7. Who gets to hop in the shower first

You'll never have hot water if you're not first. 

8. What to get your parents for holidays

Coordinating is so hard sometimes, okay?

9. Where you'll take the next family vacation

Can't we all just agree on a nice tropical location? 

10. Who has the cutest pet 

Is it even a competition? It's always yours. 

11. What music to listen to in the car

Their choice is hardly even considered music. 

12. Who has to be the "Uber" driver home

It basically determines who gets to order a margarita with dinner. 

13. When they still try to pull a prank on you

What, are we five?!

14. Who gets to use the phone charger in the car

Even if theirs is at 15 percent and yours is at 74, you still need to power up.

15. Why they bring up an embarrassing story about you as a kid AGAIN

THAT WAS ONE TIME. Stop bringing it up.

16. Who loves each other more

Aww, it's safe to say you'll fight with your siblings your entire lives, but you still love them regardless!  

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