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These Are The Most Hated Topics in Each State, & They're Hilarious


If you're like me, you looovee to complain about everything just for the fun of it. That's what makes the dating app Hater so fun – you look at thousands of topics and choose which things you hate the most. They analyzed all their research and found the most hated thing from each of the 50 states, and the results are SO funny. 

1. Alabama hates vegetarianism

I guess you know where to get a burger.

2. Alaska hates graffiti

3. Arizona hates sand

4. Arkansas hates cleaning


5. California hates fidget spinners

*glares at children*

6. Colorado hates *NSYNC

Bye, Colorado.

7. Connecticut hates winter

8. Delaware hates Casey Affleck

9. Florida hates workout couples

10. Georgia hates tuna salad

11. Hawaii hates taking videos at concerts

Um, hi, I can't see. 

12. Idaho hates asking for directions

That way?

13. Illinois hates biting string cheese


14. Indiana hates bloggers

15. Iowa hates long hair on guys

16. Kansas hates Seinfeld

They must be Friends fanatics.

17. Kentucky hates friends that ask you to help them move

18. Louisiana hates being the designated driver

I'll drink to that!

19. Maine hates "boys night"

Is that like a man cave?

20. Maryland hates cheap coffee

21. Massachusetts hates Eli Manning

22. Michigan hates Pride and Prejudice

23. Minnesota hates drinking alone

You gotta do what you gotta do.

24. Mississippi hates anal sex

25. Missouri hates people who believe in aliens

26. Montana hates going to the gym

27. Nebraska hates friendly reminder emails

28. Nevada hates feminism

29. New Hampshire hates God

30. New Jersey hates jellyfish

Note to self: don't go swimming in New Jersey.

31. New Mexico hates polo shirts

32. New York hates Times Square

Facing the crowds be like

33. North Carolina hates DUI checkpoints

34. North Dakota hates tapas

But why?

35. Ohio hates tying a tie

Yeah that sucks.

36. Oklahoma hates hearing the latest gossip

Okay, if you wanna be out of the loop, fine by me.

37. Oregon hates spin class


38. Pennsylvania hates people who use money clips

They think they're so cool.

39. Rhode Island hates middle America

40. South Carolina hates Edward Snowden

Meanwhile, the rest of America^

41. South Dakota hates The New York Times

Do you hate being informed? 

42. Tennessee hates foraged food

Was that even an option?

43. Texas hates sleeping with the window open

44. Utah hates porn

45. Vermont hates waiting in line

They'd hate college.

46. Virginia hates dabbing pizza grease with a napkin

Can I wipe the calories off of this?

47. Washington hates Keurig K-cups

They're bad for the Earth!!!

48. Washington D.C. hates the idea that everyone has a soulmate

Which is hilarious for the political capitol of the country.

49. West Virginia hates Lyft

"Hi, yes I'm at my pin ... No, I don't know how you can get here... put it in your GPS."

50. Wisconsin hates trap music

51. Wyoming hates gluten-free

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