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15 Things We Hated As Kids But Now Love As Adults


Adulthood is a funny thing. Many of the things you hated as children you eventually come to love and appreciate as an adult. Here are 15 perfect examples, and we bet you can relate to all of them!

1. Going shopping for office supplies

We hated the thought of having to go back to school as kids, but nowadays, there’s nothing more exciting that opening a fresh package of pencils.

2. Taking mid-day naps

Don’t you remember hating enforced naps in Kindergarten? We bet you have fonder feelings towards naptime now that you don’t have the time for it.

3. People thinking you’re younger than you are 

The older you get, the more of a compliment it is to have someone mistake you for a younger age.

4.  Getting money as a gift

As a kid, you knew your parents would force you to put that money in the bank, but now you can spend it all on your Sephora addiction.

5. Or getting clothes as a gift

Clothes just weren’t as exciting as toys or videogames as a child, but now we’ll gladly accept that cute Aritzia sweater for our birthdays!

6. Having your parents take you shopping

Going shopping with your parents when you’re an adult means that you can save your money for important things, like beer and your Netflix subscription.  

7. The taste of coffee

For some reason, coffee tasted disgusting when we were children. Now, coffee is bae. Funny how the world works.  

8. Hanging out with your siblings

It seems like we were always fighting with our sibling as kids, but (luckily) you learn to appreciate them a lot more the older you get.

9. Catching up on the news


Growing older makes you appreciate the value in keeping up-to-date with current events happening all over the world.

10. Spending time by yourself

As a child being alone meant you were going to be bored, but as adults, everyone craves quality time with themselves (and Netflix).

11. Going to the gym

You still may not love the gym, but you recognize the important in staying fit and healthy, so you go regardless. 

12. Drinking alcohol

Granted, you (hopefully) were not allowed to try alcohol as a kid. Booze is one of the greatest perks of being an ~adult~.

13. Watching documentaries or the cooking channel

Shows that used to be boring when you were young suddenly become fun when you’re an adult. You probably even watch House Hunters with your parents!

14. Spending a Friday night with your parents

What you used to think was a lame way to spend your weekend has now become your favorite pastime!

15. Going to sleep at the end of the day

No child ever loves bedtime, but when you’re all grown up you can’t wait to hit the sack after a long day.

While there are many things we miss about childhood, adulthood sure has its perks! Now that you’ve come to love them, we bet you couldn’t imagine not enjoying the things on this list, especially coffee and sleep! 

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