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17 Thoughts Every Girl Has Before, During & After Getting Her Eyebrows Waxed


Eyebrows are either a girl's best friend or her darkest, hairiest enemy. Sometimes, they're trendy accessories—and other times, they look more like illustrations from Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar than facial features. When the going gets tough, we turn to the innovations of modern makeup, beauty treatments and experts who tend to know our brows better than we do.

Here are the thoughts every girl has before, during and after getting their eyebrows waxed.

Before getting your eyebrows waxed

1. WAIT. When was the last time I even got these done?

You know it's bad when you can't even answer that question.

2. Since when did two become one?!

I swear, they looked fine three days ago.

3. How could I let this happen?!

It's time to take back the brows.

4. *Hyperventilating while making an appointment at the salon* "Yes, 9-1-1, this is an emergency."

A *beauty* emergency.

During the brow waxing

5. Does Beyoncé ever have to get her eyebrows done?

Why can't *I* be automatically flawless?

6. What about Cara?

She sets the brow bar way too high.

7. Aside from the pain, it's kind of nice having so much time to think.

In between the skin-ripping, you debate the meaning of life.

8. They really should consider providing some sort of snack during these things.

Can counter-side Chipotle become a thing?! We could call it "Brows and Burritos."

9. I hope my breath doesn't smell bad.


10. I wonder what I look like with my eyes closed.

How I think I look:

How I really look the entire time:

Is it over yet?!?!

11. It's 2017 and they still haven't come up with a better alternative to waxing.

C'mon, people. Let's get on this advancement pronto.

After you get your eyebrows waxed

12. I am a new woman.

*Tells self that from now on, you'll actually keep up with your plucking in between waxing*

13. I feel so... free.

So fresh, so clean.

14. Is this how Elle Woods felt when she got into Harvard?

Everything has suddenly fallen into place.

15. Let me just take 923748918290 selfies.

Breaking news: The brows are back, baby!

16. *Doing a double take in the rearview mirror like*

*To eyebrows* Hello, friends.

17. I'm ready to take on the world.

Everything is 500 times better with brows that are on point.

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