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16 Signs You're Secretly British


Anyone can be a big fan of Britain or England, especially if you're a Potterhead, an English major or you've studied abroad in the UK. But what separates the casual enthusiasts from the hardcore Anglophiles? Find out if you're secretly British below.

1. It's always time for tea time.

Earl Grey or English Breakfast? Pick your poison.

2. Your British accent is bloody brilliant.

Cockney, Welsh, Scouse—you can do them all. 

3. You can reel off loads of slang. 

You know a lot of cool swears.

4. You hate being the center of attention and prefer to keep to yourself.


5. You love the rain.

Don't forget your wellies!

6. You're a tad obsessed with the royal family and can map out their family tree with ease.


7. You prefer the British version of The Office to the American version.

The original is always better.

8. In fact, you prefer the British version of everything.

Which really annoys your loved ones.

9. You can merrily debate who is the best Doctor.

And yes, there is a correct answer.

10. You take self-deprecation to a whole other level.

A great way to make friends.

11. You're painfully polite.

Some might call it passive aggressive—they're wrong.

12. But when a tosser gets all aggro, you can dish out a subtle insult.

Unfortunately, people don't always catch your sarcasm.

13. Your humor is so dry, it's dehydrated.

You're not into slapstick shenanigans.

14. You stuff your emotions deep down. Way down.

*repress* *repress* *repress*

15. That's okay because you can express yourself through Shakespeare's words.

Best party trick ever.

16. You genuinely enjoy Marmite.

I'm not kidding. It's delicious!

You may not be British by birth, but you've got the soul of a stoic, scone-loving Brit. Keep calm and carry on, mate!

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