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7 Temporary Tattoos That Are Actually Cool


On campus, you're probably used to seeing other girls with ~amazing~ tattoos, but if you haven't gotten inked yet, you might be hesitant about getting your own due to the permanency. 

The solution? A cute temporary tattoo. Here are seven that are actually cool, so you can have a little fun as the weather gets warmer without the long-term commitment. 

1. Everyday I'm Hustlin ($5 for a two-pack) 

That college life, amirite?

2. Balloons ($1.75 for a two-pack)

Just picture all of your finals week stress ~floating away~. 

3. Glow-in-the-Dark Big Dipper ($5 for a two-pack)

All eyes will be on your tat at your next concert or themed party. 

4. "Late" Watch Tattoo ($5 for a two-pack)

Yeahhh, about that 8 a.m. lecture...

5. C'est La Vie ($1 for one)

Your motto for the rest of the semester (especially once you get your final grades). 

6. Vintage Floral Half-Sleeve ($12 for one) 

This stunning bouquet of vintage-inspired flowers is uber chic. 

7. Slice of Life ($5 for one) 

You can finally give your true bae (yes, pizza) the recognition it deserves.

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