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What Type of College You Should Go to, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


If you say that you haven’t taken almost every horoscope quiz that Buzzfeed has to offer or searched the HC site up and down to find out what your sign says about you, then you’re probably lying. Who doesn’t want to know their festival fashion icon or what Kylie Jenner lip kit they are based on their zodiac sign?  

If a zodiac sign can correctly identify Gigi Hadid as your festival style spirit animal (and who wouldn’t want her to be?), then it could also be pretty accurate about other aspects of your life ––like the type of college you should attend. Whether you’re in college or looking to attend college, find out what school would be the best fit for you according to your sign!

Pisces: Liberal arts college  

Pisces girls tend to be chill and a bit reserved. You consider yourself to be an old soul and love nothing more than to vibe to your favorite music or check out an exhibit at the nearest art museum. Your passion for the arts knows no bounds.

A liberal arts college would be the perfect place to develop your artistic talent –– whether it be music, dance, photography or something else entirely! You will thrive on a campus surrounded by others who will help you to develop your raw creativity.

Cancer: Fashion design school

As a Cancer, you are nurturing and artistic. You also probably have a passion for fashion. Combine all of those traits and you have a fabulous fashion designer in the making! With your imagination and desire to provide for everyone around you, you will without a doubt find your home at a fashion design school where you can clothe all your friends in the latest trends.

Attending a college that will give you a creative outlet while also allowing you to play around with your feminine style and artistic eye is the ideal situation for a Cancer girl.

Gemini: Big 10

Geminis are known for being energetic, social butterflies who can pretty much thrive in any situation. So, why wouldn’t you want to be at a college that will allow you to float between an endless assortment of sporting events, academics and extracurricular activities on a big scale?

Plus, living in the Midwest means that come fall you will have plenty of opportunities to show off your fantastic sense of style while cheering your football team on to a victory! 

Leo: College abroad

Remember when Lizzie McGuire was riding on the back of a Vespa through the streets of Italy? That is basically a dream college experience for every Leo. Wake up, attend a lecture and roam the streets of Italy with a hot, Italian guy.

Your fierceness is too great to be limited to just the United States. With your charming and witty nature and out of this world confidence, a school abroad has exactly what you are looking for in a college.

Aries: Out-of-state college

Aries collegiettes are typically courageous and independent ––you are born to be leaders! While some of your friends may want to stick closer to home for college, you will hone in on your go-getter attitude and venture a bit farther.

There isn’t anything wrong with wanting to stick to what you know, but an Aries girl won’t settle for anything less than a thrilling new adventure in a college experience.

Virgo: Research university

Virgos are known for being perfectionists who excel at analytical thinking. You are extremely intelligent and strive in situations that allow you to showcase your attention to detail. A Virgo girl’s thirst for knowledge cannot be repressed which is why you will more than likely find yourself at a school that nurtures your inquisitive nature.

A big, research university is exactly where you need to be to develop your intellect and challenge you to reach your greatest potential!

Sagittarius: Party school

The Sagittarian lady has a vibrant personality, loves trying new things and is a total people person! What better way to show off this personality than to attend a school with lots of opportunities to meet people and have fun, new experiences.

Sagittarian collegiettes will have the time of their lives going out with their besties and being the lives of the party on campus!

Scorpio: Ivy League

If you’re a Scorpio girl, you are in good company. Hello, you are in the company of the ultimate Queen B––Blair Waldorf!

Scorpios are intense and inquisitive, and they never settle for less than they deserve. With your focus and drive to succeed, why wouldn’t you find yourself on the campus of one of the most prestigious colleges in America?

Libra: Large college down south

A Libra’s expensive taste, diplomatic nature and ambition will only be satisfied by the likes of a big, southern college. It’s one of the colleges that can match your big personality. Another trademark of a Libra girl is her charm and hospitality, which means that you will have no trouble fitting in down south.

With the oh-so-important emphasis on Greek life, intense football rivalries and beautiful weather, Libra girls will soak up all that southern life has to offer and –– more than likely –– become an honorary southern belle.

Aquarius: Small, religious college  

Aquarian collegiettes are progressive thinkers who will definitely succeed in the thought-provoking setting of a small, religious college. Your curiosity and strong-willed opinions will be accepted and encouraged at this type of college.

Forget sharing Netflix accounts, you and your roommates will be content with sharing your philosophical thoughts with each other all night long!

Capricorn: Tech school  

Capricorns are some of the hardest workers of all the signs. Your desire to have control of your life makes you the perfect fit for a vocational college. You know what you want and you always find the quickest path from point A to point B.

For a Capricorn girl, a tech school is ideal because it allows you to learn employment prep skills for trained labor. In just two years, you will be able to graduate with all of the specific skills that you need to be successful in your career. Capricorn collegiettes interested in office management, culinary arts, or nursing will especially love a tech school program!

Taurus: Business school

As a Taurus, you are determined and have an incredible work ethic. Taurus girls are without a doubt the HBIC in any situation that they are in. Your sign is awesome at making money and sticks to every project until it is completed to the best of your ability. Your commitment to success makes you an ideal candidate for the business world.

You should definitely seek out a business college that will allow you become the ultimate girl boss that you are destined to be!

Are you headed to the right college, collegiettes?



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